So many great, great things in this Previews, both comics and merchandise, leading up to the end of year shopping blitz.   There are some great work coming out from all the main publishers, both big and small.  If you haven’t already, check out the new Valiant titles.  Almost all the classic characters from the 90’s version of Valiant are back up and running.  Eternal Warrior has just launched, and Unity – massive breakout hit for the 90’s Valiant is about to get an on-going series!

Of course Harley Quinn (this month’s cover gal) gets another shot at on-going series at DC which, given her popularity, will stick around for a while with a great creative team assigned.  But as always there are a few other treasures buried in the pages among so many other very desirable ‘things’.


Orders close for the September Previews on Tuesday 24 September, so what’ya waiting for?  Get those orders on in to me and wait for the awesome to arrive.


Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War – Mike Mignola’s version of an Iron Man like character during World War II was very well received first time out.  So he’s back again in the 3 part mini-series that sees him tracking down a stolen Flying Wing (where’s Indy?!) and facing a foe we haven’t seen yet called Black Flame.





Ash and the Army of Darkness – No introduction necessary, it’s Ash!  Famed horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) take the reins of this new on-going series for which Niles has said will be loaded with so much action and horror weirdness that is only fitting for this fan favourite franchise.





Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #1 (of 4) – Finally, we’re going to get the origin story told of Starbuck, including his first meeting of Apollo and more on the relationship he has with Adama with a traitor’s tale thrown into the mix.  Sound’s intriguing.  See if you can look at the alien on this cover with the two mouths without your eyes tripping out.





Star Wars Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual (Haynes) – Following on from the popular pop-culture sub-line Hayne’s do (USS Enterprise, Millennium Falcon, Thunderbirds) we now get the Hayne’s manual treatment on the mother of all battle Stations, the Moon, i mean the Death Star (Mk 1).  I wonder if it had a Thrones Room we never saw?…





Tintin: The art of Herge HC – There have been a few very good books on Herge and his Tintin work over the years (I have a treasured copy of Tintin and the World of Herge).  However, this new book will add some freshness to the story we know of Herge and his Tintin work as the author has been given access to teh Herge Museum in Belgium which has original source material that previous works would not have enjoyed.  If you love Tintin, you’ll love this.



Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet of Curiosities – For the fan of Del Toro, or those who just love a great looking book and anything slightly ‘weird’ this will be a must have.  There is, by the way, a US$750 limited edition of this book with all sorts of bells and whistles, but there is a much more reasonably priced regular edition which will still have a majority of what you want to see, the inner working of Del Toro’s warped mind 🙂



SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1 (OF 6) How could it be anything else? Sandman by Neil Gaiman is still a literary heavyweight that crushes almost all before it.  So why now?  And is Gaiman simply delivering this offering from the shed of milking or does it have purpose?  It’d be reasonable to suggest Gaiman doesn’t do anything for sheer monetary pursuit having established his well being back in the 90s.  For those of you who follow comics news you’ll know this deals with setting up just how Morpheus got himself in the predicament that opens Sandman #1.   However, this tale goes further than that, back into the history of the Endless – details that Gaiman  has stated he has carried for 25 years.  This will be a nice book end to the Sandman mythology, and  yes you will be able to have the choice of covers by either Dave McKean or interior artist J.H. Williams III (currently doing Batwoman).  Return to the world of the Sandman, which is Endless.



Justice League 3000 #1 Brought to you by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, this sees the heroes of the 52 universe today, in the future of 3000.  The how’s and why’s will be covered in this series.  If you like you’re ‘what if’s’ and anything Giffen  has done in the past (including the legendary ‘one punch’ Batman scene!)  This should be an enjoyable romp as while Giffen may not offer the edge of some of the new generation of writers, his ability for subtle humor, and plain zaniness can be unmissable when he’s at his best.




Damian: Son of Batman #1 (of 4) – Many people were surprised by the fate of Damian in Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc run.  So to understand it more, or at least to satisfy Damian’s fan base for more information, co-creator Andy Kubert is writing and drawing this new four part mini-series which will look at what set Damian on the road to wearing the red tunic and yellow cape.




Hinterkind #1 (New Vertigo series) – I like the sound of this, an interesting angle.  The Hinterkind are very real creatures, only thought to be myth and magic legend.  These creatures work for mother nature, who after a blight that has all but driver mankind from the face of the earth, serve to eradicate the remaining outposts of man.  Enter vertigo’s newest charge, Prosper Monday (a strong sounding character name don’t you think?) who sets out on a search for her Grandfather who has not returned.  Through her eyes we will discover no doubt what an unforgiving and foreign place the world has become.



And Forever Evil, the first 52 Universe wide event continues with ‘good’ on the back foot.  Check the three keystone JLA books, where the JLA is dead – so the question is what will fill that void? Of the special tie-in mini series, I’d suggest taking a look at Forever Evil: Arkham War – this time there is no Batman to stop the tide of the breakout.

Superman and Wonderwoman co-star in a new ongoing title.  This is a brave move (depending on how you view the whole new 52) whereby there is currently no Clark and Lois.  The forever simmering tension of Clark and Diana has finally been given a chance to shine and be explored in full in this brave new world.  And I suspect the cryptic wording in the solicitation for this title means a force of ‘super killing’ stature will be helping kick of this new ongoing title.

Check out the full DC listings here at CBR for the entire October offerings.  If nothing else, look forward to revisiting the Morpheus’ and the Endless clan…… pleasant dreams…..

So the July Previews is here, signalling we’re half way through the year.  What that also means is we’re into the US Summer season, and as always the gloves come off and the big releases will be coming thick and fast.  As always, we’ve been having a look at what gems lie within the pages of this month’s Previews, some obvious and some no so.  Don’t forget to check our facebook page to as that is a quick and effective way for us to update you of highlights as we come across them.

Full listings for the main publishers’ September releases can be found at CBR – DC Entertainment, Marvel, Image, IDW, Dark Horse

So without further ado, let’s on with it!


Dark Horse – The Star Wars (8 part mini-series – see Previews front cover for image!)  This is based on the original draft Lucas did which changed significantly in detail in terms of what ended up on the silver screen.  But the basic framework of the saga we now know so well is there.  This could be a lot of fun to see a tale that feels familiar but will have enough difference to be entertaining.  The draft has long been available for reading, but seeing it brought to live in the magic of four colour will be hard to pass up.


Archie – Afterlife with Archie – Archie meets Walking Dead?  Well, they met Kiss a couple of  years back, so perhaps they were comfortable with the living dead (joke! Kiss are great – and well alive J).  If you want to see what happens when Sabrina really screws up and Riverdale is plunged into a zombie apocalypse, then this is where you want to be.  Also, if you want to see good ol’ Archie and the crew really done over, then this will suit nicely too….




Dark Horse – Robocop Last Stand – As far as I can tell, this is nothing to do with the reboot, this is Frank Miller’s story of ol’ tin head’s final story.  Miller is writing this so I think it should be a solid yarn in respect to this franchise.




Dynamite – Kings Watch – Now here’s a ensemble team I didn’t expect but I’m not surprised as ‘team’ and/or ‘mash up’ stories have been popular now for some years and these characters are certainly not unfamiliar with each other so it makes sense.  The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, all big names of their era and still have a large fan base to this day.   The tale as you’d expect is one of earth engulfing scale.  Monsters, real monsters are walking the earth on every continent and only this band of brothers can provide any hope.  I seriously suggest this could be one of the releases of the year.  Classic characters, classic Saturday matinée story but with a classy modern level of writing talent.



Hermes Press – Howard Chaykin. Honestly that’s it.  We all (I’m fairly sure) know who Commander Buck Rogers is, where he came from and his plight.  So why would you be interested in this beyond it being Buck?  Because Howard Chaykin is writing and doing the art.  If you’re not a Chaykin fan, then nothing to see here, move along.



IDW – Mars Attacks Judge Dredd – A couple of reasons to point out this crazy 4 part mini-series.  Firstly it’s Judged Dredd.  The story deals with the Mega-City Mafia and a boss that makes a power play thanks to an ‘unknown’ benefactor (who very likely is green and Martian like!)  Secondly, John McCrea is doing the art, his zany style will suit this well and he knows the Judge well so should be a treat.




DC – Forever Evil – Yep, this is the biggie, it hits all 52 related titles.  Geoff Johns  is the mad puppeteer behind this.  The Justice League is dead, and Villains rule the world.  Every title will have a Villain at the centre of September’s issues to support the Forever Evil series (it’s a  7 part series).  Some titles such as Batman, will have more than one issues that month given the size of Batman’s rouge gallery.  There’s so much to discuss, the easiest way is to follow the link to the full DC solicitation and check it all out!



Also worth checking out from DARK HORSE is Boozin’ and Brusin’ – the world’s first(?) superhero to derive his powers from alcohol, but he wants to go sober!  Also Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein – a four part mini-series where Frankenstein’s monster is going blind and seeks out the world’s foremost authority on the supernatural to help him regain its sight.  This is written by 30 days of Night creator, Steve Niles.

Orders close for the July Previews on Tuesday 23 July

STK523039 ImageAnd so it passes that here we are at the end of another year, always marked by the release of a December Previews, which isn’t so bad a way to farewell the year that has been.   I’ve seen a number of December Previews over the years (going back to 1992!)  and what it reminds me is that I’m glad we get a Previews every month of the year, a small tease of things to come that give us something to look forward to.  The trick is also to make some time to enjoy the things we’ve been anticipating once they arrive (or living in the moment as they saying goes).

Enough of the waxing lyrical for the moment, on with the Previews preview!  We all know that the winter is a quieter time for the US comic industry, so no big events are kicking off just yet come February, but there are hints of things to come!   A big independent release is a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen one-shot graphic novel, Nemo: Heart of Ice.  Looks really nice as you’d expect with artist Kevin O’Neill teaming back up with Alan Moore.

We’ve already had a look at DC’s, Marvel’s and Dark Horses’ releases for February, so now to IDW.  I didn’t see much new stuff from Image this round I felt worth highlighting for you, so we’ll come back to them with January’s Previews.

You can check out the full listings for the February releases from Image here and IDW here.

Highlights recap:

Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova – Marvel

 Justice League of America – DC

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 – Another 4 part outing for man with the rocket pack upon his back, the Indiana Jones of the skies, the Rocketeer!    This time out it will again me more pulp-style thrills, written by Roger Langridge who has worked on the recent Popeye from IDW and also Thor.  J Bone is the artist who did the fine work on Batman/The Spirit.   Set in the golden age of Hollywood, if you love your pulp, then these recent efforts from IDW have not be disappointing.  Nice, short story lines that are simply fun and make for good summer reading.

Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #1 (of 5) – I’ll confess to having not noticed the first mini-series of this title.  But check this out, with Lady Macbeth and Richard II defeated, Hamlet now faces the threat of Prospero who only wants to wipe out all of creation.  The type of stories utilising established, classical literary characters have really come into their own.  So many mash-ups and alternate version stories have been crafted.  I guess the genesis for this revival of genre of story telling is Mr Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Ok, that’s if for this round of the previews Previews, we’ll do it all again in the New Year!

Previews Cover-November12 Front

Here’s the November Previews for all good things shipping in January.  Now I’ve already done a highlight of the many Marvel titles you may want to consider as well as some great stuff form Dark Horse.  You can see these highlights discussed below .

DC have a minor cross-over going through Justice League and Aquaman.  A lot of what’s going on is building to next year’s major event ‘Trinity Wars’ which has been in the works since earlier this year.  Also, I can’t emphasise enough how good Scott Synder’s run on Batman is, particularly his latest story arc ‘Death of the Family’ bring the Joker back to front lines of Gotham.  Great stuff.

Check out all of Images January releases here

Check out all of DC’s January releases here


 Strikes #1 – From Dynamite comes one of the true Queens of the damned, Vampirella.  Sultry and brooding story telling is normally the flavour for our girl who makes her ‘Borat man-kini’ like costume look very wearable!  Tom Sniegoski of Usagi and Bone Rat Tails is the writer so I’d expect a decent yarn.





Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #1 (of 4) If you’re a Star Trek fan all you need to know is this is a prequel mini-series from IDW that will set up the next movie in this franchise reboot!






So what are you waiting for?  Check out all the great stuff and drop your orders back to me any time from now.  Orders for the November Previews officially close on Saturday 20th.


Lots more new (NOW!) titles are coming this January. Marvel really isn’t holding back on refreshing almost everything on their roster and bringing back some old favourites (Morbius!)  There is some real promise with these January releases.  If nothing else, make sure you pick up the crazy Deadpool mini-series, purely for its irreverence! J

Check out the full listings here at CBR and drop your orders back to me.


UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 – The team that’s going to do the dirty work the X-Men don’t want to (or can’t!).  This team will feature Psylocke and Storm plus some newer faces with Spiral, Cluster and Puck.  This is not your daddy’s X-Force but he may just want it to be as their first encounter is supposedly Bishop.




NEW AVENGERS #1 – Roll call! Black Panther, Mr Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Namor, eh… Beast…. hmmm not the Avengers we’re used to.  Guess that’s what the ‘New’ bit is about.  This team is however rather powerful so what’s Marvel thinking their roll will be?  Apparently battling alternative reality threats is beyond them …Avengers!….  Assembl…. what? no, not you lot, the other ones… no Thor you can’t come out this isn’t your team…… right, where were we…..Assemble!



SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 – The title replacing Amazing Spider-Man.  To be honest, not sure I like it but let’s give it a try.  It’s still Dan Slott at the writing desk so it should be good.  Depending on your point of view, you may enjoy this as they’ll be able to disentangle Spidey from any storylines that have gone before that didn’t mess, perhaps even the whole One More Day hangovers (small as they may now be).    Smarter, Stronger, Superior (there ya go!), this is the Now! version of Spider-Man so grab a line and swing along for the ride.



SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 – Savage Wolverine in the Savage Land.  You can’t have a new lick of paint and not invite a new Wolverine title to the party.  What makes this attractive is that Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) is writing and drawing this so it may well have some sensibilities you haven’t seen in a Wolverine title before.  Oh, and it will probably have the odd dinosaur or two along the way which wouldn’t hurt.



YOUNG AVENGERS #1 – Dear lord, another Avengers…. but with a twist.  It’s a new gen Avengers and it’s written by Kieron Gillen who’s no slouch.  I remember in the 90’s, DC had a minor hit with Young Heroes in Love which has become a cult favourite.  Setting up situations with a bunch of super-powered young’ns grappling with youth as well as cosmic menaces can be a winning combo.  Could be a sleeper hit out of the Now! titles.



 THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 – Late to the Vampire party the world has been enjoying the past decade, Morbius is back.  He was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 so there must be some connection between the old Marvel and Marvel Now! me thinks.  This should be your ticket to the darker side of Marvel with a slice of tragedy to boot.




DEADPOOL: KILLUSTRATED #1 (OF 4) Yes, that’s Deadpool riding Moby Dick on the cover!  If there’s one Marvel title to by this year (that’s guaranteed to damn your soul), this is it.  I’ll let the blurb do the selling:

• Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe.
• He isn’t through.
• This time…Deadpool’s gonna take most famous characters in classic literature!


All these are available to order now and will be in the November Previews.

October, spring, comics, the season of the good life.  Enough of the naff attempt at poetic ramblings, let’s just jet on into the goodies coming out for December as listed in this month’s October Previews!  I’ve covered a bit already in the previous highlights but there are a couple of other interesting things to keep your eye out for.

 CALIGULA:  A HEART OF ROME  A follow up to last year’s successful six issue mini-series from Avatar Press, this new six issue mini-series by David Lapham continues the story of the twisted ruler who was supposedly vanquished!  Not so it would appear as Laurentius takes up the struggle to end the supernatural threat to Rome.  Though this will not be a historical recount of Caligula, it could be a good yarn and as long as you aren’t easily offended by the usual Avatar hard edge story telling, this will be a good follow on from the first series.




JUDGE DREDD: THE GARTH ENNIS COLLECTION –  A great combo, Garth Ennis and Judge Dredd – perhaps a perfect pairing?  This is some of Ennis’ earlier works and will have the tell tale signs of great story-telling that matured into works such as Preacher, The Boys, The Punisher and much more.  This best of collection includes The Emerald Isle, supposedly Ennis’ take on the Irish justice system.  Great reading and a good staple in any comic collection.




THE CROW: SKINNING THE WOLVES: From IDW, James O’Barr returns to write and draw this all new Crow 3 part mini-series.  Set in 1940’s German war camp, this should make a harrowing backdrop for a Crow story.  The story centres around a game of chess that results in a new Crow.  If you like your stories from the creator of a character, here you go.





All these and the previous highlights (and more!) are ready to order now from the October Previews, just drop me a line with your order!

More Marvel Now! releases for the end of the year.  Marvel really are setting their relaunch up well and you can tell there is genuine excitement building around the titles they’re kicking off with in November and December.  Make sure you check out the full listings, especially the titles hitting their 2 and 3rd issues as Marvel Now! looks to be one of Marvel’s best moves in a while and there is still plenty of time to get your orders in for the November #1 issues.  In addition to those titles highlighted below, check out Deadpool, Ultimate Comics Ultimates (where Cap has become President!), and a adaption of TV’s Castle by Peter David.  Full December listings over here at CBR.

THUNDERBOLTS #1 – Red Hulk, Venom(!), Elektra, Deadpool, The Punisher – what matter of madness is this!  This is NOT the Thunderbolts of the 90’s.  This is a super team on some wacked out super hero hash.  It stands to reason that unless this the writer is a lifeless stick, these characters, thrown together as a dark version of a super team, should provide ample opportunity for some gritty, if not amusing story telling.  Deadpool?!  Venom?!  Brill.

AVENGERS #1 and 2 – I’d expect this to be the cornerstone of the relaunch, complementing Uncanny Avengers, Avengers will be a showcase titles and obviously Marvel want to build on the success of the movie.  Promising a large ensemble cast, this is where I’d be looking for the big story lines to begin, build and converge for the Marvel Now! universe.   Budget well though as Marvel are going to deliver two issues per month!  I guess if you’re going for it, you may as well with your flagship title.

CABLE AND X-FORCE #1 AND 2 – Cable is the guy Marvel send in when no one else can do the job, or even know the job exists.  He’s being brought back for Marvel Now!  with a new X-Force team.  The first storyline will set up this teams position in the Marvel Now! universe well by having them hunted by the Uncanny Avengers.  Guess not all teams are going to be on the same page.  With the right creative team, this could be one of the sleeper hits of the Marvel Now! titles.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699 AND 700 (FINAL ISSUES!) So, storyline wise Doc Ock is on his death bed, he has nothing left but a burning desire to do Spidey in, and rally the troops he will for a taste of vengeance before he waves goodbye eight times and sods off.  Morbius the Living Vampire will make an appearance (he’s getting a new series next year).  But the biggest news is Marvel say this is the final issues of this title.  I suspect Spider-Man (and his titles) have a role in Marvel Now! but they couldn’t not let Amazing get to issue #700 first.  So, for you Spidey fans and those of you who love anniversary issues, make sure you get your orders in for this finale.

Yep, we really looking to October already (the current July Previews is for September).  But yes, the October solicitations are coming through already.  Dark Horse has a couple of potential gems in amongst their range of good stuff.  You can check out the full listings here at CBR.  I’m pleased to see Dark Horse offering another great Mash-up tales (Billy the Kid below) as I thought their last offering which saw Jekyll used to track down Jack the Ripper was a ripping good yarn (The Strange Case of Mr Hyde).



BILLY THE KID’S OLD TIMEY ODDITIES AND THE ORM OF LOCH NESS #1 (of 4) – Yes, this what keeps me in love with the comic medium.  Bizarre, crazy creations like this.  So, Billy the Kid, who of course wasn’t shot, has his own league of freaks to have wild adventures with.  This story starts with a trip to Loch Ness and a rescue mission into the lair of one C. Dracula.   If you’re not hooked already then, well each to their own.  Should appeal to the slightly off centre in those of you who liked League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the darker side of vertigo tales or the new Star Wars trilogy (hey I didn’t mind parts of it!)


EX SANGUINE #1 (of 5) – And now for a more ‘serious’ tale of vampires and serial killers.  A couple of reasons to note this one.  First the creator is Tim Steely of Hack/Slash fame (released through Image).  The second is the premise of a vampire who has throughout his long existence become bored having sampled every facet of life possible.  So what could kick start a vampires lust for ‘life’ again?  Why, the compelling signature of a serial killer that perhaps suggests our vamp doesn’t know all there is to know.  Not sure if he is going to hunt the serial nutter or idolise them but sounds like a decent yarn with something different from the vampire tales of late.

STK468287 Thumbnail

Ok long overdue but still in time for you to mill over your orders is the May 2012 Previews update!  Huzzah you cry.  Good.  Part of the tardiness is due to ‘study’ pressures and some to the annoying issues recently I’ve encountered with either Chrome, WordPress, or some combination of the two.  The formatting has become more difficult which equals more time to create these posts.

Still, let’s press on.  There’s a few things to catch up on, namely Dark Horse and Image release highlights (see the full Dark Horse listings here, and Image listings here, courtesy of CBR).  Plus a few other interesting releases worthy of highlighting.  Places everyone!!!


CONCRETE: THREE UNEASY PIECES – Paul Chadwick’s hit returns in this one-shot that collect’s the stories that appeared in Dark Horse’s recently launch anthology, Dark Horse Presents.  If you ever enjoyed Concrete back in the  90’s, check this out.



STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL—DEATH SENTENCE #1 (of 4) SPOILER ALERT!!! – You can’t keep a good Sith down, even if chopped in half.   If you watch the Clone Wars cartoon then you’ll know all about this change in his health and that he is teaming up with his brother, Savage Opress.  Interesting times indeed….



THE WALKING DEAD #100 – How can you pass this monumental issue up? (unless you really don’t like Zombies). It appears this series is far from over, so this is probably as good a jumping on point as any.  There are plenty of collections of the first 99 issues as well as a good priced conpendium trade of teh first 48 issues, great buying – check my in-stock page.  Roll on season 3!

WILD CHILDREN (one-shot) – For those of you who enjoy something different and maybe dark.  It appears to deal with youth as well as magic, passion, and disinformation.  A hell of a cocktail if ever there was one.  Check out the listing for more details.




ENORMOUS #1 (one-shot) – There’s a definite environmental theme running through Image’s releases for July (also check out the four part mini-series Debris in the listings).  This one looks gorgeous.  It’s, ironically, an enormous 64 page (note US$9.99 cover)  beast and deals with nature turning the tide as humans battle over food and fuel.  The enormous are literally giant beasts spawned by nature and adds another layer to struggle for humankind to battle for survival.

The Crow #1THE CROW (IDW) – The classic, brooding ‘hero’ returns, this time set in Tokyo.  Written by the co-screenwriter of the movie, John Shirley should deliver what fans are after.  IDW promises that Crow creator, James O’Barr, is working on something for later in the year in respect to The Crow.  O’Barr does provide the cover for this issue.  Check out all IDW July releases here.



Orders for the May Previews officially close Sunday 22 May.