Marvel, short in sweet for August, but don’t think nothing’s going on.  Infinity is the buzz for Marvel from August onwards.  Thanos is back and that means only bad news for the Marvel universe.  Aside from this Avenger$ themed event, I’d take a look at some quieter Marvel successes.  Deadpool continues to be a critical winner telling some very bizarre but entertaining stories, not quite of the normal Marvel mould.  Also, Mark Waid has been having a very popular run over the last couple of years on Daredevil, and his run on Indestructible Hulk appears to be worth catching hold of too.  Check out all the Marvel releases for August here at CBR.


INFINITY #1 (of 6) – This is it, the start of Marvel’s 2013 event, staring none other than… of course, Thanos!  Since he’ll be no doubt a major player in Avengers 2 (having made his cameo in the first movie) it makes sense they’ll be pushing his back to the forefront of the current Marvel story lines.  This storyline actually kicked off in the recent Marvel Free Comic Book Day effort, and doesn’t actually seem to bad at all.



GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 – The second issue with Neil Gaiman co-writing it as his creation from waaaaaay back in Spawn #9 fights Gamora (nope, i’ve no idea who that is) which has me interested.  Well played Marvel.  There’s still time to re-order issue #5 too for July if you want to catch Gaiman’s first co-credited Guardian’s début.

Come April, Marvel will prove they’re no fools.  With two big Marvel movies lining up this year (Avengers and the Spider-Man franchise reboot), this should be a stellar year for the ‘house of ideas’.  Not surprisingly, Marvel are heavily targeting Avenger based books and what better way to amp it up than have the Avengers square off against the ‘other’ alpha team of Marvel, the X-Men.

April sees Avengers vs X-Men hit overdrive, lots of tie-ins to lighten you of your $, I mean, help you further enjoy the core 12 part series 🙂  It actually looks like a whole lot of fun, and given the classy creative team, I think there will be some decent story content in amongst the biff, bam and ka-poweys.   So, accept it for what it is, Marvel’s super-hero storytelling muscle ultra-flexing to bring us some unashamable fun! See all the details over here at CBR.

Avx: Vs #1 (Of 6) – Of all the tie ins, this could be the best/worst, depending on your taste.  I read the blurb and this reminds me of a DVD feature.  Essentially, of the shake-downs that will occur between various characters in the main series, this will expand those encounters a bit more, a bit like an extended cut.  Sure, it’s a shameless tie-in, but if you’re really into the story, this will sit nicely with it.


Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 and 2 (Of 12) That’s right, two issues per month, which is probably a good thing as a year to tell the story would drag just a bit too long (as well as it will be hitting its climax right around the time Avengers hit’ the big screen).  There’s not much more to add.  Back in the 90’s, DC vs Marvel was a silly but fun event and was worth the ride.  This reminds us of a large part of what comics are all about.  Escapism, larger than life characters, epic battles, and a chance to be in on something ‘cool’.  If you think you might enjoy it, give it a go.

Daredevil #11 – This issue is notable as it’ll feature Spider-Man and the Punisher which, mixed with ol’ Horn Head, should be a nice cocktail ready to explode.  I’m pointing out Daredevil this month as it is constantly being held up as one of Marvel’s best ongoing series at the moment.  Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Invincible, Marvels) is hardly ever a slouch at crafting a good story.  Some might argue this is his best work at Marvel to date and helping keep Daredevil as one of Marvel’s premiere characters, which it deserves to be.

Incredible Hulk #7 – Not really a title I’d normally go out of my way to highlight, but check out the cover (go to the CBR site and you can expand it to see it better).  That’s a cool cover.  Hopefully it’ll be orderable and not a 1 per 50 ordered deal.  Also, Marvel are suggesting something big will happen in this issue so if you want to see what the Hulk is up to (he has been on the Avengers roster in the past) this is a good opportunity.


Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures #1 – For those of you who enjoy your animated adaptions, this is one to note.  Marvel’s animated series of the same name debuts this year.  What I like about this is that the writers (who will be writing for the show) also worked on the various Batman animated series comics over at DC and crafted some brilliant stories in this appealing art style.  That Spider-Man on the cover is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.


Avengers: The Art Of The Avengers Hc & Slipcase – If you think there’s no way you won’t enjoy Avengers (and who won’t?), then this could be a very sweet book, looking behind the scenes at the design concepts and skilled artists’ works.  If interested, contact me for pricing.

All this and much more will be available to order from the February Previews which I’ll email out in around a week.