Marvel, short in sweet for August, but don’t think nothing’s going on.  Infinity is the buzz for Marvel from August onwards.  Thanos is back and that means only bad news for the Marvel universe.  Aside from this Avenger$ themed event, I’d take a look at some quieter Marvel successes.  Deadpool continues to be a critical winner telling some very bizarre but entertaining stories, not quite of the normal Marvel mould.  Also, Mark Waid has been having a very popular run over the last couple of years on Daredevil, and his run on Indestructible Hulk appears to be worth catching hold of too.  Check out all the Marvel releases for August here at CBR.


INFINITY #1 (of 6) – This is it, the start of Marvel’s 2013 event, staring none other than… of course, Thanos!  Since he’ll be no doubt a major player in Avengers 2 (having made his cameo in the first movie) it makes sense they’ll be pushing his back to the forefront of the current Marvel story lines.  This storyline actually kicked off in the recent Marvel Free Comic Book Day effort, and doesn’t actually seem to bad at all.



GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 – The second issue with Neil Gaiman co-writing it as his creation from waaaaaay back in Spawn #9 fights Gamora (nope, i’ve no idea who that is) which has me interested.  Well played Marvel.  There’s still time to re-order issue #5 too for July if you want to catch Gaiman’s first co-credited Guardian’s début.

STK523039 ImageAnd so it passes that here we are at the end of another year, always marked by the release of a December Previews, which isn’t so bad a way to farewell the year that has been.   I’ve seen a number of December Previews over the years (going back to 1992!)  and what it reminds me is that I’m glad we get a Previews every month of the year, a small tease of things to come that give us something to look forward to.  The trick is also to make some time to enjoy the things we’ve been anticipating once they arrive (or living in the moment as they saying goes).

Enough of the waxing lyrical for the moment, on with the Previews preview!  We all know that the winter is a quieter time for the US comic industry, so no big events are kicking off just yet come February, but there are hints of things to come!   A big independent release is a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen one-shot graphic novel, Nemo: Heart of Ice.  Looks really nice as you’d expect with artist Kevin O’Neill teaming back up with Alan Moore.

We’ve already had a look at DC’s, Marvel’s and Dark Horses’ releases for February, so now to IDW.  I didn’t see much new stuff from Image this round I felt worth highlighting for you, so we’ll come back to them with January’s Previews.

You can check out the full listings for the February releases from Image here and IDW here.

Highlights recap:

Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova – Marvel

 Justice League of America – DC

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 – Another 4 part outing for man with the rocket pack upon his back, the Indiana Jones of the skies, the Rocketeer!    This time out it will again me more pulp-style thrills, written by Roger Langridge who has worked on the recent Popeye from IDW and also Thor.  J Bone is the artist who did the fine work on Batman/The Spirit.   Set in the golden age of Hollywood, if you love your pulp, then these recent efforts from IDW have not be disappointing.  Nice, short story lines that are simply fun and make for good summer reading.

Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood #1 (of 5) – I’ll confess to having not noticed the first mini-series of this title.  But check this out, with Lady Macbeth and Richard II defeated, Hamlet now faces the threat of Prospero who only wants to wipe out all of creation.  The type of stories utilising established, classical literary characters have really come into their own.  So many mash-ups and alternate version stories have been crafted.  I guess the genesis for this revival of genre of story telling is Mr Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Ok, that’s if for this round of the previews Previews, we’ll do it all again in the New Year!