Historically, we’re one of Dunedin’s oldest, (and finest!) provider of comic book literature from the days of Bag End Books at 13 Frederick St.  Ah, those were the days.  Bag End version 2.0 lived on in Dunedin Comics from 2009 to 2017 – and now v 3.0 as Waypoint Comics!  No matter if you’re a casual or serious collector or maybe even a library, the aim is to provide you with what you want. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Manga – Comics, Graphic Novels, whatever it is, we’ll provide your with reliable ordering, prompt service and sharp pricing – Life is hard, your hobby shouldn’t be! Let us look after your comic needs.

Based out of Dunedin, New Zealand. Visit us at www.waypointcomics.co.nz.   For more details please email shop@waypointcomics.co.nz and for regular updates, go to our facebook page.  You can also come and visit our cosy little store at 57 Vogel Street, Level 2, Dunedin.

11 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. allan thomasson Says:

    hi. ill be in dunedin for 2 weeks at start of new year 2014. want to sell some comics and and a shitload of 1999 era starwars toys in boxes.
    are you intersted or know anyone who might be?
    thanks ozi

    1. dunedincomics Says:

      hey Ozi… cheers for the msg. Ahh i have plenty of the ’90s era Star Warts stuff, i’ve slowed way down on most Hasbro releases. i’ll have a think and if i know of anyone who may be i’ll get back to you.

    2. spacepigz Says:

      Mate I’ll take any crap to do with Star Wars, why don’t you tell me what you got.

      1. spacepigz Says:

        Saying that I’m not one to spend a fortune on much, so I’m a collector and anything in the 10-30 dollar price mark is fine and dandy.

      2. dunedincomics Says:

        Hiya Spacepigz… sorry for the delay in replying. We typically order in comics, Marvel are doing a pretty good run of Star Wars titles at the moment (most costing NZ$10.25 per issue). There’s the main Star Wars titles, but also Darth Vader, A Leia mini-series and a Lando mini-series is about to start. In the Dunedin Comics vault are a few Star Wars action figures, Decihper’s collectible card game cards.

  2. Blaine Boyt Says:

    hey do you guys have any deadpool comics

    1. dunedincomics Says:

      woah, how did we ever miss this question?? Sorry about that, but better late than never yes we do get Deadpool in 🙂

  3. framewp Says:

    Hi, are you still open, and if you are, do you have the Death Note manga book series? Thanks

    1. dunedincomics Says:

      Hi, yes still open 🙂 We have more regular updates on our facebook page than here for now. I’ll email you re question.

  4. coolstar Says:

    I don’t know if it’s just that i’m not looking in the right place, but where are you guys located?

    1. coolstar! Hello! You wouldn’t have been able to find us then as we had no store, but now we do 🙂

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