It’s been too long since we’ve had an update on here (as you know always check our Facebook page which is regularly updated).

2015 has been a good year for Dunedin Comics and comics in general.  In fact, for pop culture it’s a year where many of what we comic fans have cherished for a long time, have gone from strength to strength.

At Bag End Books during the mid 90’s conversations were often of Batman and Lord of the Rings movies and new Star Wars prequels.  But never did we dream of the likes of an Ant-Man movie (nor that it’d be a good movie!) but that’s the brave new world we now are in.  For all it’s ills, the golden era of popular culture becoming truly main-stream continues.  The first of the new Star Wars ‘sequels’ has come out, to largely critical acclaim.  Maybe my thoughts on this event in a separate blog post.  The ‘world’ also now looks for to Batman vs Superman.  We’ll leave that too for another discussion, but perhaps I’ll note here that the latest trailer more concerned me than filled me excitement.  That I find a shame as its been a long time coming – however, let’s give it a chance to arrive.

My thoughts are that among all the Hollywood love that comics are now being given, there is so much good stuff coming out which the main stream public are still oblivious too.  The stigma of comics as a reading medium unfortunately still remains even thought popular comic properties have become chic.  Both DC and Marvel continue to do some great work, Boom!, IDW and Image are also doing some works which will become modern classics in years to come.

So for the incoming 2016, i hope you can find what moves and entertains you, be that just the silver screen interpretations or a mixture of movies, numerous comics related TV series (which deserve a discussion of their own as well) and our ever faithful paper floppies.

It’s going to be another big, fun year – stay around and if we can help plug you into the fun with comic supplies, please let us know 🙂