A few tasty releases lined up for August.  DC’s new 52 still seems to be doing some interesting things but its a shame to see that they’ve lost James Robinson of Earth 2 (as of issue #17) in circumstances which appear to suggest there’s been a falling out of sorts.  Still, there’s plenty going on, and some good non-52 titles coming out as well as some very sweet looking merchandise in the action figure and statue areas from DC Direct.  Look out for the continuation of the Trinity War through the Justice League titles.



DC UNIVERSE VS. THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 Yes, the cross-over none of us were expecting.  DC have crossed over with many universes, Marvel, Wildstorm, Milestone, Predator/Aliens, and many more.  But Skeletor’s back yard?  I wouldn’t have picked that.  Look, this won’t be high brow stuff, but there’s a couple of things.  I suspect it won’t sell huge volumes so will be a quick riser on the secondary market (that’s not investment advice, just a prediction).   Also, it is being written by Kieth Giffen, master of the quirky so it has a chance of actually being a bit of a sleeper in terms of quality given what it is.  DC seem to be playing He-Man and friends fairly straight for a matured audience so i don’t think this will be the He-Man many of us think of who watched this licence’s rise during the 80’s.


JLA EARTH TWO DELUXE EDITION HC – This classic from mad Grant Morrison artist Frank Quitely is one i’ve never got around to adding to my own bookshelf.  But with this new HC edition with some ‘extras’ i think the time is right to right that wrong.  For those new to this modern classic, it’s the JLA vs the anti-JLA with nasty pieces of work such as Owlman and Ultra Man.  Such good villains that are so familiar yet so deliciously evil makes for a good tale.  Don’t be a murtle the turtle like me, get this on your shelf asap!



DC ONE MILLION OMNIBUS HC – Another is the recently wave of DC’s omnibus’, this is an interesting collection.  This is arguably one of DC’s better ‘events’ of the late 90’s.  Again, it’s concept is from the wacky mind of Grant Morrisonbut a myriad of great talent work across all the many titles as for one month, each title jumped ahead to their one millionth issue.   Some classics came out of these, notably the Hitman issue.  It was a bold and slightly intimidating story to grasp but with all the relevant issues and tie-in issues in this one behemoth of a book, you’ll be able to take it all in.  And it’ll look kick-ass on your shelf.



TRILLIUM #1 – You’ll remember I’ve gone on about Jeff Limere this and Jeff Limere that (think Sweet Tooth, Deep Sea Welder, and Swamp Thing to name a few).  The reason is he’s a bloody good story teller and stands out and being someone who’s just a bit different and fresh in his approach.  Now comes this original 8 part mini-series which has a decidedly sci-fi flavour.  Two lovers, one scientist in the depth of space, the other an explorer – separated by time and space, add a dash of Inca, and the end of the universe and this should be a ripper.  A nice touch is the first issue is a flip book, each half dealing with one of the two main characters.


DC Direct – As mentioned recently on the Dunedin Comics facebook page, DC Direct is releasing a large range of awesome figures and statues.  Check out this awesome 50’s pin-up stylised Harley Quinn from their ‘bombshell’ range.  Really nice pieces and interpretation of their ‘fairer’ characters.   Also there are figure releases from the upcoming Batman Arkham Origins game (a prequel to Asylum and City) and more New 52 characters to adorn your desk and bookshelves.  Contact me for pricing.