Some great releases from these two publishers, something really for, well, anyone!  Check out the full listings here for Image and here for IDW.  Don’t forget IDW is now doing Season 10 of X-Files.  Orders for issue #1 are away this Wednesday.

The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction! #1 (of 4) – A cross-over to make pulp fans giddy, Mark Waid bring arguably two of the greatest pulp-genre characters together.  The Rocketeer is of course a modern ‘love letter’ of sorts to the pulp era, but his character is no less a valid story-telling mechanism for pulp inspired tales.  The Spirit of course is a genuine pulp-era heavy weight.  With Waid being let with these two together, this has the potential of a modern classic that you can get on board with.  Oh, the story?  A dead politician in Lss Angeles.  Betty (Rocketeer’s gal) finds the body, while the Spirit arrives in town to investigate.  This is chips and tomato sauce folks, it just works.

Wizards & Robots One-Shot – Wanna be ‘down’ with the youth of today?  Having this little one-shot in your collection will do that.  And why you might well ask.  Why is because it is written by Will-i-am, one of the creative forces from the band Black Eyed Peas.  But not to be outshone, the other collaborator on this project is futurist Brian David Johnson.  So, with perhaps shades of Terminator, Robots from the future go back in time looking for powerful Wizards.  But why?  Can’t be to say hi….

 DAWN: THE SWORDMASTER’S DAUGHTER & OTHER STORIES (one-shot) – Joseph Michael Linsner made a name for himself, and his creation Dawn, back in the 90’s when the ‘bad girl’ craze took off.  Dawn has proved to have legs though (ho ho) and has proved popular long after the craze ended.   This Linsner’s first new Dawn comic in three years so this should go down really well telling three tales from across Dawn’s life.

SATELLITE SAM #1 – This is an interesting team up, on writing chores is Matt Fraction of Marvel fame and Howard Chaykin on art.  What are these two legends of comics working on?  Another pulp genre outing, this series will deal with the darker side of the golden age of television.  Perhaps they’ll reference what used to happen on the set of the 60’s Batman show?  This will be a little bit dark and perhaps a little uncomfortable.  Where do I sign up!