Just a couple to highlight from the May previews for July releases.  Don’t misunderstand though, there’s lots of good stuff coming out from DC in there ’52’ universe as well as their other brands.  If you haven’t already ordered from the April previews, you can still get in for the first issue of the new Astro City series.    The full list of DC’s July releases can be seen here at good ol’ CBR.

How can you go past some Adam West Batman though huh?  It’s a nice contrast to the work Scott Snyder is doing in Batman.


BATMAN ‘66 #1 – How can you pass up this?  With the license issues finally sorted around the classic TV series for Batman, the floodgates are going to open on merchandise to capture the nostalgic need so many have for this gem.  As arguably the TV series drew heavily from the campiness of the comics, before they became more brooding in the 70’s, this should be a significant collectible and just downright fun read.


TOM STRONG AND THE PLANET OF PERIL #1 – More fun from the good ol’ ABC Comics days.  Written by Peter Hogan who is a ‘strong’ collaborator of Alan Moore’s, this should be another awesome romp with Tom and pals as Tom is off to solve a family crisis and visit the as yet unseen, Terra Obscura, dum dum duuuum!



All this and lot’s more coming when the May previews releases in a week.