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So here’s the official look at the March Previews for all the releases coming out this May.  You’ll see in the below post, I’ve already highlighted a lot of the picks worth considering.  However, there are still a few more worth pointing out.  As always, a lot of nice treasures, particularly from the smaller publishers are buried in the midst of the Previews’ pages so it’s really worth taking some time to enjoy going through and see what catches your eye.



 GALATICA (Dynamite) Though this franchise isn’t new to Dynamite, this is their first comic series based on the original series.  So if you want some action with all the old crew of Apollo, Starbuck, Muffit the Daggit etc, then this is where to get  it.





FROM HELL COMPANION SC – This will be a very welcome addition to sit by anyone’s copy of Alan Moore’s ‘From Hell’.  This is a true companion with annotations, original sketches, notes, and a very sincere and candid look at everything that went into the making of this classic.  It has been put together by From Hell artist Eddie Campbell so this will be no cheap cash-in.  Given it is being produced by Moore’s preferred publisher now for all his League titles, and with Campbell’s involvement, I believe there’ll be no contention over this release and it’ll be worth every cent. (Pre-order price $44.95)

WARS IN TOYLAND HC – A striking looking graphic novel from Oni Press.  The premise has shades of Oz or Wonderland (and even Grant Morrison’s Joe the Barabarian).  Matthew finds his brother Alex has been taken to Toyland by the ‘evil’ teddy Roxbury.  Toyland though (as magical realms are apt to do) has fallen from grace as a wonderland of fun and innocence.  Matthew is taken to Toyland but a rescue of Alex is not what where the story may take us.  This is rated as an all-ages story but like all good fairy stories, it sounds as though it will have enough suitable darkness to its crafting to make for a good yarn.  The art looks fantastical and appealing.  I’d recommend this for that something different to have in your library. (pre-order price $34.95)

NEW GENESIS  – If you are, or know of, a Clive Barker fan then this should appeal.  Barker has created and written this mini-series (12 issues) and has enlisted Mark L Miller to assist with some writing.  Miller is possibly best known for his work on Zenoscope’s Jungle Book series.  The set-up is that a man who has achieve much, leaves his life behind to ‘find himself’ on a bit of a walkabout.  Of course, he stumbles upon God on his travels.  But this man who professes to be the big cheese isn’t what the devout may have expected, nor wanted.



Also don’t forget J Michael Straczynski’s new title Ten Grand from Image comics!


Orders for the March Previews close on Tuesday March 26 so get your emails in to me by then.