Some potential gems in May’s lot.  Particularly from Image and IDW who continue to hold their own and attract top talent and let them loose with original material which can only be a good thing.  Not to say the big two are dragging the chain, they’re doing what they do well (which will always divide fan opinion) and are also doing some novel things amongst the capes too, see Harlan Ellison’s new graphic novel as an example.  The March Previews email for May releases will be coming to your in box very soon.  For the full release schedule for May for each publisher, click on the respective  company as follows: Dark Horse, IDW, Image, DC and Marvel.


THE GREEN TEAM and THE MOVEMENT (DC) – These two titles I can’t really tell you more about other than what’s in the solicitation blurb.  What is interesting, is these look to introduce new characters and story telling via these two ‘opposed’ (particularly if you look at the cover design) titles.



HARLAN ELLISON’S® 7 AGAINST CHAOS HC (DC) – Gems like this (well it’s a potential gem) are what makes the comics medium so relevant.  This has the trappings of a mad storyline, possibly borrowing from many story archetypes, the most likely being Seven Samurai (but don’t let that fool you into thinking you know where this is going).  The earth is going to hell in the proverbial hand-basket and these seven alien characters must figure out why time is unravelling those long departed are walking the earth and many other disconcerting anomalies – such as bursting in flames… unannounced!  The clincher on why you should shell out for his beautiful hard cover graphic novel?  Harlan Ellison’s writing and Paul Chadwick’s (Concrete) art.


THE WAKE #1 (DC) This is a good sounding yarn in a 10 part mini-series.  Written by hot writer of the moment Scott Snyder, this is a horror/sci-fi outing dealing with a threat under the Arctic circle that links to our origin and a very unpleasant, distant future.



KICK-ASS 3 #1 (of 8) (MARVEL) – The crazy train rolls on as part three of this booty kickin’ comes to light.  And this is to be the end of the line according to writer Mark Miller.  So if you enjoyed the madness so far, strap in for this finale which should be a cracker.



TEN GRAND #1 (IMAGE) – Ok, sit up as you may not want to miss this B5 fans.  This is a new original story from J. Michael Straczynski, who’s previous original comic works (Rising Stars, Midnight Nation) were pretty good efforts.  This sounds as though it’ll have a different flavour than those previous stories, this one blending the criminal dark side with demons and magic.


DOOMSDAY.1 #1 (of 4) Given how ill he was recently, fans should count themselves luck to hopefully look forward even more work after this new release from John Byrne although that may be awhile away.  In the meantime, he’s drafted up this little tale based around the supposed escape mankind had from the Mayan prophecy of 2012.   However, that would have been the easy way out according to Byrne when the earth is targeted by a giant solar flare.  Yikes.


HALF PAST DANGER #1 (of 6) – If you like a great pulp story, then check this mini-series out which mixes the adrenalin of the early 1940’s war time error with some  Jurassic genre stomping goodness.  This has beautiful looking art with a setting in the pacific where the monsters of long ago may not be so long gone as thought.



X #1 (of 4) – X is back and his original creators are re-launching his story.  Back in the early 90’s this character made a large impact for Dark Horse around the same time Image was launching and dark ‘good’ guys were the flavour of the time.  Well, a good idea will always come back to the surface and X had depth so if you like a bit of darkness to those trying to fight that very thing, then X is worth a look.