This month, I’m rounding up all of the previews of upcoming April releases in one post.  You can see all the individual publisher’s listings for April at these hyper links: Dark Horse, DC Comics, Marvel, Image and IDW


ABE SAPIEN: DARK AND TERRIBLE #1 (of 3) (DARK HORSE)- Another mini-series outing for one of Hellboy’s favourite supporting characters.  Mike Mignola seems to have hit another gear as of late, perhaps spurned on by having ‘killed’ off his own creation, Hellboy.  The stories are getting a bit darker but going down well with fans.  He also seems to be collaborating with a wider and talented bunch of artists, writers, all which can only be a good thing.


DETECTIVE COMICS #19 – (DC) In the ‘old’ DC universe, this would have been the 900th issue.  In ‘our’ universe, it still is the 900th issue of Detective Comics so, if you’re into anniversary issues this one’s for you.  Knowing the subtle significance of issue 19, the storyline has Batman facing off against the mystery of the 900.  What it/they are we’ll have to see but this has been put together as a storyline worthy of celebrating this milestone issue.


HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 – (DC) Thundering Greyskull!  He-Man returns in an on-going series.  Notable is that writer Keith Giffen is navigating He-man in this new outing so it should be as good as any He-Man (or of Giffen) can expect.   



THANOS RISING #1 (OF 5) – (MARVEL) Jason Aaron will reveal in this limited series not just only how Thanos came to be at the end of the Avengers movie (mid credits) but also what he’s up to.  As good as Loki was as a villain, Thanos should really up the ante on super villains on the big screen.  Given audiences enjoy that calibre of menace,   I hope that with the proposed relaunch of the Fantastic Four franchise, we get a Galactus too worthy of dominating the screen.  And oh, what they could do with a Darkseid and his home world of Apokolips!


X-MEN #1 (MARVEL)- The X-Men, but this team has no Y chromosomes.  That’s right, the mutant ladies of Marvel get their own team and are taking the premier ‘X’ team’s name as their own.




JUPITER’S LEGACY #1  (IMAGE) – Fair notice is given, this may be the next ‘Saga‘  (though I wouldn’t necessarily compare them story wise).  This is another look at super heroes from the perspective of once they’re retired (shades of Kingdom Come possibly).  This series has some serious clout too with creators Mark Millar and Frank Quitely collaborating to bring you some are already calling an epic to judge all future ‘super’ stories by.  Hyperbole?  maybe.  Premature?  likely.  But they also may just be right.


CHIN MUSIC #1 (IMAGE)- What stood out to me about this is the creator is Steve Niles of 3o Days of Night fame.  So you won’t be surprised then to be told this has a horror theme to it, and it’s interesting to say the least.  In one sentence it spins mysticism and violence in the setting of Chicago during the prohibitions days where the demons are not only the ones of the drink.  Throw in some gangsters and wait of things to get messy.


MINIATURE JESUS #1 (of 5) (IMAGE) – This sounds bizarre, so less of a recommendation but more of just take a look and see what vibe you get.  Creator Ted McKeever is a strong reason to check this out if you like your comics with some thought and quirk but definitely quality.  McKeever has worked for independents as well as DC/Vertigo penning Doom Patrol and a very acclaimed Elseword trilogy setting Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in golden age celluloid environments (email me if you’d like to know more about those.  Back to this black and white series, it’s about a recovering alcoholic with a good and bad ‘angel’ upon each shoulder and what happens when the good goes AWOL.  Throw in a cat trying to screw up his life and there you have… well you decide.

Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter #1 (of 5) (IDW)- A bit of Dungeons and Dragons love focusing on some Drow characters by a writer who should know them quite well, R.A. Salvatore.  So if you ever enjoyed his Forgotten Realms novels, this may be worth a look.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain Microseries #1 (of 4): Krang (IDW) – With the Turtle’s back on TV (Nickelodeon – CGI, not too bad) IDW are doing big business with their Turtle series.  This mini-series focuses on KRANG! (you have to say it like that if you watched the cartoon back in the 80s!).  It actually sounds like an interesting yarn in so far as an origin story that I’m not sure has been told before.  Also check out the regular series, as April’s issue is by Turtle creator himself, Kevin Eastman.


All these will be available from the February Previews due out in around a week.  I’ll check back in with you then for orders and anything else worth taking a closer look at.