Hi all, well since I didn’t get any posts up over the Xmas/New Year period, I decided to save it all up for one big January Previews post instead.  And it’s a big un’.  There’s a lot of good, interesting stuff coming out in March.  March is also the month of Free Comic Book Day!  I give you a heads up on  few of my picks but for all the details, simply head over to www.freecomicbookday.com   I’ll talk  bit more about the details of ordering these books towards the end of this post.



On with the highlights!


SLEDGEHAMMER 44 #1 – Dark Horse aren’t making many bones about this, this is Mike Mignola’s version of Iron Man.  Set in WWII, August of ’44 the US drop in Sledgehammer in to an occupied France to take on the German forces might.  Under any circumstances this would be a good yarn, but with Mignola’s talents mixed in with Captain America artist Jason Latour and scripter John Arudi, this should be unadulterated fun.  It’s only a two issue series so nice addition to your orders without committing to a long haul.


STAR WARS OMNIBUS: WILD SPACE #1 – I highlighted this on the Dunedin Comics facebook page.  This omnibus collects a some of the more bizarre and ‘rare’ stories such as those that sere serialised in cereal boxes, action figure releases etc.  It also collects an Alan Moore  story that was released in Marvel UK publication.   As the sub title of this release states, this is Star Wars on a bit of trip so will make a nice addition to the shelf.  If you like the sound of this, I’d also recommend the Star Wars Infinities series Dark Horse did in the early 2000s where they took the original triology stories as we knew them and played ‘what if’ with them.  They too were pretty trippy.



CONSTANTINE #1 – So John Constantine makes the leap from DC’s Vertigo to the New 52 universe.  There’s a lot of debate that this will ‘water down’ the story telling DC does with Constantine and to some extent there will no doubt be a change from the tone of Vertigo stories and what they do under that banner.  However, what I hope is that Constantine instead lives up to the power of his character and manipulates the DC New 52 universe for the better, adding a bit of dark edge and uncertainty to it.  He has already had a presence being park of Justice League Dark so let’s give them a chance when John steps out on his own.


TIME WARP #1 (ONE SHOT) – DC has released an number of anthology releases in recent years.  Following on from Vertigo’s last effort, comes this 80 page Time Warp issue (which is ‘relaunch’ of a title that had a 5 issue run in the 1970s) , with all stories dedicated to the sci-fi genre.  With such a mix, who knows if the seeds of the next block buster or Nova award winner will lie within.   The talented contributors include Damon Lindelof, Jeff Lemire, Mark Buckingham, Dan Abnett, Peter Milligan, Ray Fawkes, Simon Spurrier, Gail Simone, Rafael Albuquerque and Tom Fowler.


JUDGE DREDD YEAR ONE – Not too many stories have focused on Dredd’s early years, so here is a Year One story to add to Dredd’s canon.  It is written by Matt Smith (no not that one) who is the editor of 2000 AD so he should know a thing or two about good sci-fi stories, and particularly Judge Dredd.




EAST OF WEST #1 – This looks really interesting who like a bit of genre mixing.  A sci-fi western theme set in a dystopian America.  The visuals look really tidy and the concepts should be supported well with the story being crafted by Johnathan Hickman (Fantastic Four etc.)  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are also woven in the story just to keep things interesting, mind you they sound a bit off the dial (to the moderate disposition they’re usually credited with of course)



SEX #1 – Yes, all the obvious puns here, Image comics is trying to sell you sex! Etc etc.  What’s worth a second look here?  Joe Casey who has written many worthwhile efforts for both Image and independently is the main reason.  While Joe is less perhaps less prolific in comics today than say in the 1990s (he writes a lot for TV now days) he basically works on titles that he is buzzed about which is probably what you want from a writer.  The story is what happens to super heroes (and villains) when they ‘stop’ being super?  What is a normal life for an ex-cape?  There’s a good review here over at Robot 6 with Casey.



STEAM WARS – As part of Steam Punk Month at Antarctic Press this one-shot should present a familiar story in a steamy, punkish sort of style!  Check out the ‘R2’ droid, looks great


Ok, so as with last year, I want to give you free comics as part of this promotion.  Those retailers wear a nominal charge for the comics, we do so in the spirit of what FCB day is about.   Some of you may like many of the free comics on offer (which is understandable).  The only requirement is that if you do want quite a few, I need to cover the costs of postage on these.  Though they’re ‘free’, getting them here is still as costly as it is for a ‘normal’ comic.  So if you want say a couple, no problem.  If you’d like anymore beyond that, just let me know and we’ll work something out.  Needless to say I’m only talking a small amount to cover the postage cost, nothing else as I’m a big fan of being able to provide ‘free’ comics when they’re on offer.


My picks I think you should check out based on this year’s selection (and the quality of previous year’s releases) are:

Steampunk Originals Present: The Steam Engines of Oz – This will tie into the upcoming Oz re-imagining Steam Punk Style later in the year.

Mouse Guard/Rust Flip Book – This was a big sleeper last year.  Not sure if it is a hardcover like last year’s release, but if like last year, this’ll be one of the fastest FCB to go on the day.  Contains all-ages friendly content – Mouse Guard, Labyrinth etc.

Harbinger Wars and Valiant Masters – Both these titles are from the sleeping giant Valiant, who ‘awoke’ last year and are putting out great titles again.  2013 should be a big year for Valiant.

DC Superman Special Edition – Normally DC’s free comic ties into an upcoming event stoyline, but you’d have to think this has something to do with the Man of Steel movie

Walking Dead – A free walking dead comic?  I’m in.

Marvel’s – Marvel is keeping the title of their free comic under wraps for now.  Something to do with Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps???

Don’t forget to check out the link at www.freecomicbookday.com for all the details.  Also, the titles are also listed on the preview spreadsheet (attached) under the ‘everything else’ tab.