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Here’s the November Previews for all good things shipping in January.  Now I’ve already done a highlight of the many Marvel titles you may want to consider as well as some great stuff form Dark Horse.  You can see these highlights discussed below .

DC have a minor cross-over going through Justice League and Aquaman.  A lot of what’s going on is building to next year’s major event ‘Trinity Wars’ which has been in the works since earlier this year.  Also, I can’t emphasise enough how good Scott Synder’s run on Batman is, particularly his latest story arc ‘Death of the Family’ bring the Joker back to front lines of Gotham.  Great stuff.

Check out all of Images January releases here

Check out all of DC’s January releases here


 Strikes #1 – From Dynamite comes one of the true Queens of the damned, Vampirella.  Sultry and brooding story telling is normally the flavour for our girl who makes her ‘Borat man-kini’ like costume look very wearable!  Tom Sniegoski of Usagi and Bone Rat Tails is the writer so I’d expect a decent yarn.





Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #1 (of 4) If you’re a Star Trek fan all you need to know is this is a prequel mini-series from IDW that will set up the next movie in this franchise reboot!






So what are you waiting for?  Check out all the great stuff and drop your orders back to me any time from now.  Orders for the November Previews officially close on Saturday 20th.