Lots more new (NOW!) titles are coming this January. Marvel really isn’t holding back on refreshing almost everything on their roster and bringing back some old favourites (Morbius!)  There is some real promise with these January releases.  If nothing else, make sure you pick up the crazy Deadpool mini-series, purely for its irreverence! J

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UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 – The team that’s going to do the dirty work the X-Men don’t want to (or can’t!).  This team will feature Psylocke and Storm plus some newer faces with Spiral, Cluster and Puck.  This is not your daddy’s X-Force but he may just want it to be as their first encounter is supposedly Bishop.




NEW AVENGERS #1 – Roll call! Black Panther, Mr Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Namor, eh… Beast…. hmmm not the Avengers we’re used to.  Guess that’s what the ‘New’ bit is about.  This team is however rather powerful so what’s Marvel thinking their roll will be?  Apparently battling alternative reality threats is beyond them …Avengers!….  Assembl…. what? no, not you lot, the other ones… no Thor you can’t come out this isn’t your team…… right, where were we…..Assemble!



SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1 – The title replacing Amazing Spider-Man.  To be honest, not sure I like it but let’s give it a try.  It’s still Dan Slott at the writing desk so it should be good.  Depending on your point of view, you may enjoy this as they’ll be able to disentangle Spidey from any storylines that have gone before that didn’t mess, perhaps even the whole One More Day hangovers (small as they may now be).    Smarter, Stronger, Superior (there ya go!), this is the Now! version of Spider-Man so grab a line and swing along for the ride.



SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 – Savage Wolverine in the Savage Land.  You can’t have a new lick of paint and not invite a new Wolverine title to the party.  What makes this attractive is that Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) is writing and drawing this so it may well have some sensibilities you haven’t seen in a Wolverine title before.  Oh, and it will probably have the odd dinosaur or two along the way which wouldn’t hurt.



YOUNG AVENGERS #1 – Dear lord, another Avengers…. but with a twist.  It’s a new gen Avengers and it’s written by Kieron Gillen who’s no slouch.  I remember in the 90’s, DC had a minor hit with Young Heroes in Love which has become a cult favourite.  Setting up situations with a bunch of super-powered young’ns grappling with youth as well as cosmic menaces can be a winning combo.  Could be a sleeper hit out of the Now! titles.



 THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 – Late to the Vampire party the world has been enjoying the past decade, Morbius is back.  He was last seen in Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 so there must be some connection between the old Marvel and Marvel Now! me thinks.  This should be your ticket to the darker side of Marvel with a slice of tragedy to boot.




DEADPOOL: KILLUSTRATED #1 (OF 4) Yes, that’s Deadpool riding Moby Dick on the cover!  If there’s one Marvel title to by this year (that’s guaranteed to damn your soul), this is it.  I’ll let the blurb do the selling:

• Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe.
• He isn’t through.
• This time…Deadpool’s gonna take most famous characters in classic literature!


All these are available to order now and will be in the November Previews.