You know what I like about this first look at comics releasing for January 2013?  It’s further proof the world isn’t ending in time for Christmas and that those profiteers of doom who don’t know a thing about Mayan culture (let alone their calendars) can shut the hell up and get a useful job to make the place we live in a bit better as we’ll be here for a while yet.

Sermon over, some nice bits from Dark Horse to kick of the year.  I haven’t caught up on too much info they’ve released at this week’s New York Comic Con though they do have a new chief at the helm coming in.   Make yourself comfortable and let’s have a look at some highlights then head over here to CBR and check out the full listings.


THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT If you like your comic stories a mix of crime and pulp noir, then this should be one on your hit list.  The writer/artist is not well-known to me but he can’t be any slouch having won an Eisner award.  So if you want to recreate a story-telling vibe not dissimilar  to huddling around the wireless in the evening, to follow the exploits of The Black Beetle in Colt City and his fight against organised crime (that in the first issue appears may all but be wiped out by a mysterious bomber!) then slap your readies down for this 4 part mini-series.



EMILY AND THE STRANGERS A story about a rock chick, her cats and the pursuit to win a haunted guitar.  Love the art styles being put together for the various covers to this 3 part mini-series.  Not sure what to expect with this but it sounds like the wacky kind of story Dark Horse is good at nurturing and delivering.  For the risk of three issues and some interesting cover art at the least, if you want something different in your comic mix, this is worth a go.


STAR WARS  #1 (ONGOING) Back in the time and part of a galaxy far, far away that is most familiar to use, Dark Horse finally gets an ongoing Star Wars title that will continue the stories of Luke, Han, Chewie, et al.   The precise part of history to be further fleshed out is that following the destruction of the original Death Star.  I’d expect they’ll be the ever-present threat of Vader just off the page as the rebels will be on the run with Vader showing up every so often for maximum impact.   I know the Marvel run holds a special place for many people but I hope this new series sets the bar high for story telling in this part of the franchise.