Back with the Horse for its December releases.  A few treasures to highlight as well as some on-going greatness you might want to spend a bit of time looking over.  Check out the full details here at CBR which will also be in the October copy of Previews.



THE ART OF BIOSHOCK INFINITE HC – Bioshock evokes a very obvious Steampunk feel along with its art Deco look in the first two games.  The next game is taking matters into the skies will offer a fresh new approach to the franchise and opportunity to share great new designs and ideas (as well as hopefully being a decent game).  So here’s the obligatory ‘art of’ book so many games get released with except I believe this is one game that is very deserving of it.

CRIMINAL MACABRE: FINAL NIGHT—THE 30 DAYS OF NIGHT CROSSOVER #1 (of 4) – Dark Horse have, over the years, played quite nicely with other publishers in the sandpit and once again, they show their collaborative spirit.  This time they’re teaming up with IDW to bring a cross-over of two of Steve Niles properties, Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night.  So if you like modern vampires, modern horror and Steve Niles thrown into the mix, this is worth sinking your teeth into.

HELLBOY IN HELL #1 – Did you hear they killed of Hellboy?  Well fear not, ol’ Horn skull is back with Mike Mignola doing art and writing chores as he takes Hellboy to his obvious destination, Hell.  This should spell a new direction for Hellboy and I’ll be interested how fans react to this but the setting should make for some great art and twisted story telling.


HOUSE OF FUN – Milk and Cheese are back in this one-shot.  If you’ve never read any of Evan Dorkin’s Milk and Cheese, you’re in for a treat.  Dairy products gone bad used to be the tag line of these foul mouthed and ultra-violent Dairy based characters.  Very un-PC in their day, I doubt anything is going to have changed with them, just the way it should be.  If you like irreverent humour, and maybe comics such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, or any thing ‘alternative’ with an edge, this might be the calcium laced comic you’ve been looking for.

STAR WARS OMNIBUS: INFINITIES TP – This is  nice collection of all three ‘infinities’ storylines that kicked off way back in the early 2000’s.  Think Marvel’s ‘What If?’ title and this is pretty much the approach Dark Horse took with the Infinities run.  It made for some interesting stories, some I’m sure many fans have asked themselves before, such as ‘What if the Star Destroyer in A New Hope had fired on the escape pod with C3 and R2 in it? This is a good collection at a decent price and it’s unlike anything else given it’s not Cannon nor is it expanded universe.   Good overview here at Wiki though don’t read too much if you want to avoid spoiling the story!