More Marvel Now! releases for the end of the year.  Marvel really are setting their relaunch up well and you can tell there is genuine excitement building around the titles they’re kicking off with in November and December.  Make sure you check out the full listings, especially the titles hitting their 2 and 3rd issues as Marvel Now! looks to be one of Marvel’s best moves in a while and there is still plenty of time to get your orders in for the November #1 issues.  In addition to those titles highlighted below, check out Deadpool, Ultimate Comics Ultimates (where Cap has become President!), and a adaption of TV’s Castle by Peter David.  Full December listings over here at CBR.

THUNDERBOLTS #1 – Red Hulk, Venom(!), Elektra, Deadpool, The Punisher – what matter of madness is this!  This is NOT the Thunderbolts of the 90’s.  This is a super team on some wacked out super hero hash.  It stands to reason that unless this the writer is a lifeless stick, these characters, thrown together as a dark version of a super team, should provide ample opportunity for some gritty, if not amusing story telling.  Deadpool?!  Venom?!  Brill.

AVENGERS #1 and 2 – I’d expect this to be the cornerstone of the relaunch, complementing Uncanny Avengers, Avengers will be a showcase titles and obviously Marvel want to build on the success of the movie.  Promising a large ensemble cast, this is where I’d be looking for the big story lines to begin, build and converge for the Marvel Now! universe.   Budget well though as Marvel are going to deliver two issues per month!  I guess if you’re going for it, you may as well with your flagship title.

CABLE AND X-FORCE #1 AND 2 – Cable is the guy Marvel send in when no one else can do the job, or even know the job exists.  He’s being brought back for Marvel Now!  with a new X-Force team.  The first storyline will set up this teams position in the Marvel Now! universe well by having them hunted by the Uncanny Avengers.  Guess not all teams are going to be on the same page.  With the right creative team, this could be one of the sleeper hits of the Marvel Now! titles.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699 AND 700 (FINAL ISSUES!) So, storyline wise Doc Ock is on his death bed, he has nothing left but a burning desire to do Spidey in, and rally the troops he will for a taste of vengeance before he waves goodbye eight times and sods off.  Morbius the Living Vampire will make an appearance (he’s getting a new series next year).  But the biggest news is Marvel say this is the final issues of this title.  I suspect Spider-Man (and his titles) have a role in Marvel Now! but they couldn’t not let Amazing get to issue #700 first.  So, for you Spidey fans and those of you who love anniversary issues, make sure you get your orders in for this finale.