To help along our favourite working day of the week, why not a bit more up and coming comic chat.  IDW really have made some big strides this year, really starting to flex some muscle with their licenced properties, particularly Star Trek and Dr Who (which kicks off season 7 at the beginning of September – at least in the UK/US).  There’s lots of good stuff in their full listings here at CBR.  Take a good look through their licenced and original offerings.  Below is a few highlights I’ve picked out:


DRUDGE DREDD #1 – IDW reintroduces Dredd to the American market with this all new content Dredd on-going series.  We know the up-coming movie is the reason for the timing, but really there’s never a bad time to tell some good Dredd stories, so here’s hoping this series finds a great audience.  Duane Swierczynski is the writer and has worked on series such as Birds of Prey.



THE ADVENTURES OF AUGUSTA WIND #1 (of 5)  – From J. M. DeMatteis, this reads as though it may be a rift on Alice in Wonderland but I’m only guessing.  Regardless, it’s about a girl who’s supposedly normal life is thrown into chaos by the appearance of the Snabbit – part snake part rabbit.  That doesn’t sound helpful.  The cover art suggests IDW’s boast of beautiful interiors may well be well founded.  This gets the tick for something that looks a bit different in an interesting way.



MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #1 – Don’t laugh, this could well become one of the biggest selling comics of the year.  MLP is huge in the states and is going globally insane too.  No trotting here, this will gallop of the stands I suspect.  So if you know someone who loves their little pony, do them favour and rope ‘em up a copy before they ride off into the high end of the back issue sunset.



BORDERLANDS: ORIGINS #1 (of 4) As the title suggests, this mini-series will chart out what happened leading up to the first game.  With the second game due for release very soon, this should be a nice addition to the ever growing sub-genre of gaming comics.