Good ol’ Dark Horse, always releasing among its successful licenced titles, a range of the brilliant and bizarre.  And this is no more true than this coming November where there is a good range of one-shots, limited series and their on-going works.  I particularly like the look of 47 Ronin which I think will become a significant story in Dark Horses’ backlist in the years to come.   Speaking of Dark Horses’ back list of graphic novels, I have the latest Previews trade catalogue which I can check for any collected stories from yester-year you may be after to adorn your bookshelf.

For the full list of the Horses’ November releases, trot on over here to check them out. 

47 RONIN #1 (of 5) – According to the blurb, to know this story is to know Japan.  Strong sentiments indeed.  This is regarded as a significant cultural/national legend in Japan.  So if Japan’s history, or improving your knowledge of it, is of interest to you, or you simply enjoy well told legends then you should have a look.  Stan Sakai is providing the art and the pedigree around the production of this series is fairly impressive.  Take a look if you also have enjoyed Lone Wolf and Cub or Usagi Yojimbo.

BALTIMORE: THE PLAY – A fun sounding one-shot from Mike Mignola (Hellboy) dealing with a production where the actors are vampires and the author of the play is a disembodied head.  Blend the creative mind and style of Mignola and this should be one of Dark Horses’ best one-shots of the year.


EDGAR ALLAN POE’S THE CONQUEROR WORM – Another one-shot, this time Poe in comics.  If you love Poe’s work, then you’ll probably dig this or know someone who’d appreciate a graphical adaption.



R.I.P.D.: CITY OF THE DAMNED #1 (of 4) – A prequel to an upcoming film dealing with the those who work for the ‘Big Guy’ upstairs, ensuring the dead don’t come back to cramp the style of the living.  While set in a modern environment, the history of at least one of the characters goes back to the wild west.