Apologies for those who read this site for my updates.  I sent these out via email as well but lately I’ve been finding the conversion of these onto the blog very time consuming.  Not sure if it’s a Chrome thing on changes to wordpress.  No excuses though, though it’s got more fiddly, I will persevere… (Pictures for this entry to come)

Excelsior!  Marvel readers (and potential Marvel readers) take a careful look at these upcoming releases for September.  It would be easy to say Marvel’s pulling a ‘DC New 52’ stunt here, and to some degree they are.  But, like it or not, change is inevitable in the comic industry as one proven strategy to keep attracting interest.  Of course, if done badly it can lose interest (= readers) but let’s give this a fair shake and see.

The big news here is the ‘cancellation’ of a number of titles which are being replaced or restarted.  We’ll have to wait for  Marvel’s November releases to see the big picture.  These changes affect the ‘regular’ Marvel universe, not the Ultimate MU.  There’s a lot to look at so make sure you go through the entire listings here (thanks CBR!).  There are also a lot of promising mini-series and one-offs separate to this event including a Dexter mini-series and a Marvel Zombies Halloween one-shot.


To the highlights reel Robin!

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 – Arguably the biggest new title to spin out of the AvX maxi-series.  Avengers join with X-men to form a new united team.  I wonder if due to the popularity of the Avengers, part of Marvel’s thinking is to rub some of the gloss onto the X-Men property that may help boost sales across that line?  Either way, this should be a winner for Marvel and I hope us as readers.

THANOS: SON OF TITAN #1 (of 5) – Want more Thanos goodness that relates to the version seen at the end of the Avengers movie?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  The point of this series is to set up why Thanos makes that very appearance and maybe it will hint at his role to come in further Avengers outing on the big screen?

MARVEL UNIVERSE Vs. THE AVENGERS #1 (of 4) – We’ve had Wolverine and The Punisher take on the MU, each tale telling the greater story at a different place in time.  Now, the jolly popular Avengers get a turn in this larger yarn.  This mini-series will document the war that ultimately leads into the other two previous series.

DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS #1 (of 8) – A change of pace from the ravaging reforms going on in the regular MU, but no less epic.  Marvel have done well with a range of ‘End’ series, almost ‘what-if’ books that look ahead to the potential last days of various characters in the MU.  Now it’s ol’ horn head’s turn and they’ve brought in two Daredevil alumni, David Mack and Brian Michael Bendis.

WOLVERINE: MAX #1 – It’s Wolverine with R rated clout, no comic code type cussing when the claws come out.  It worked well for the Punisher so now Marvel let loose with Wolverine who can say anything and graphically whoever a new one in this new on-going series.  If you want super-heroes with a bit of ultra-violence then it’s likely this will fit the bill bub!