Yep, we really looking to October already (the current July Previews is for September).  But yes, the October solicitations are coming through already.  Dark Horse has a couple of potential gems in amongst their range of good stuff.  You can check out the full listings here at CBR.  I’m pleased to see Dark Horse offering another great Mash-up tales (Billy the Kid below) as I thought their last offering which saw Jekyll used to track down Jack the Ripper was a ripping good yarn (The Strange Case of Mr Hyde).



BILLY THE KID’S OLD TIMEY ODDITIES AND THE ORM OF LOCH NESS #1 (of 4) – Yes, this what keeps me in love with the comic medium.  Bizarre, crazy creations like this.  So, Billy the Kid, who of course wasn’t shot, has his own league of freaks to have wild adventures with.  This story starts with a trip to Loch Ness and a rescue mission into the lair of one C. Dracula.   If you’re not hooked already then, well each to their own.  Should appeal to the slightly off centre in those of you who liked League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the darker side of vertigo tales or the new Star Wars trilogy (hey I didn’t mind parts of it!)


EX SANGUINE #1 (of 5) – And now for a more ‘serious’ tale of vampires and serial killers.  A couple of reasons to note this one.  First the creator is Tim Steely of Hack/Slash fame (released through Image).  The second is the premise of a vampire who has throughout his long existence become bored having sampled every facet of life possible.  So what could kick start a vampires lust for ‘life’ again?  Why, the compelling signature of a serial killer that perhaps suggests our vamp doesn’t know all there is to know.  Not sure if he is going to hunt the serial nutter or idolise them but sounds like a decent yarn with something different from the vampire tales of late.