The beginning of the American Autumn publishing season and yes September sees a slight drop in the number of new titles being released but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward too.  Image and Dark Horse have a lot of series already on the go by then, for example Dark Horse’s Black Kiss 2 by Howard Chaykin, and the too-many-to-list by Image but I’ll name Manhattan Projects  and The Hoax Hunters off the top of my head.  I’ve chosen three new titles from between the Image and Dark Horse September releases for you to consider but as always, I recommend you take a good look at the full blurbs for image and dark horse yourself over at CBR.


HAPPY! #1 (of 4) – An all new Grant Morrison original story.  A seedy ex-cop turned hitman, this has all the dark elements of humanity Morrison loves to play with.  The ‘weird’ element you are rightfully expecting is a little blue horse.  What that means, your guess is as good as mine.  These original tales are often where the industry’s ‘hot’ talents really hit the true peak of their powers.  Will this be good?  Maybe, maybe it’ll be great, all I can say is that for four issues it’s always worth giving a Morrison yarn the benefit of a chance.  Also to note is the artist is Darick Robertson  who is best known for his art on Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan and as artist/co-creator with Garth Ennis on The Boys.



LOBSTER JOHNSON: CAPUT MORTUUM (One-shot) – One of the crazier characters to spin out of Hellboy, Lobster Johnson has been likened to being a ‘dark’ version of Marvel’s Punisher!  This tale sees him taking on the bad dudes on a zeppelin in what should be a ‘pulp’ flavoured affair.  Also a tpb of the 5 part ‘The Burning Hand’ is available for September too.



THE SHAOLIN COWBOY ADVENTURE MAGAZINE TP – This is something a bit different, but should be a really nice piece of work.  This effort is a hark back to the pulp magazines of more innocent days with illustrated prose stories of high adventure!  The talent on this is pretty impressive, Andrew Vachss contributes in writing while Geoff Darrow (Hard Boiled) will be lending his amazing pencilling skills.  If you want something a bit different to wind away a cool spring evening, you’ll likely enjoy this.