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Ok long overdue but still in time for you to mill over your orders is the May 2012 Previews update!  Huzzah you cry.  Good.  Part of the tardiness is due to ‘study’ pressures and some to the annoying issues recently I’ve encountered with either Chrome, WordPress, or some combination of the two.  The formatting has become more difficult which equals more time to create these posts.

Still, let’s press on.  There’s a few things to catch up on, namely Dark Horse and Image release highlights (see the full Dark Horse listings here, and Image listings here, courtesy of CBR).  Plus a few other interesting releases worthy of highlighting.  Places everyone!!!


CONCRETE: THREE UNEASY PIECES – Paul Chadwick’s hit returns in this one-shot that collect’s the stories that appeared in Dark Horse’s recently launch anthology, Dark Horse Presents.  If you ever enjoyed Concrete back in the  90’s, check this out.



STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL—DEATH SENTENCE #1 (of 4) SPOILER ALERT!!! – You can’t keep a good Sith down, even if chopped in half.   If you watch the Clone Wars cartoon then you’ll know all about this change in his health and that he is teaming up with his brother, Savage Opress.  Interesting times indeed….



THE WALKING DEAD #100 – How can you pass this monumental issue up? (unless you really don’t like Zombies). It appears this series is far from over, so this is probably as good a jumping on point as any.  There are plenty of collections of the first 99 issues as well as a good priced conpendium trade of teh first 48 issues, great buying – check my in-stock page.  Roll on season 3!

WILD CHILDREN (one-shot) – For those of you who enjoy something different and maybe dark.  It appears to deal with youth as well as magic, passion, and disinformation.  A hell of a cocktail if ever there was one.  Check out the listing for more details.




ENORMOUS #1 (one-shot) – There’s a definite environmental theme running through Image’s releases for July (also check out the four part mini-series Debris in the listings).  This one looks gorgeous.  It’s, ironically, an enormous 64 page (note US$9.99 cover)  beast and deals with nature turning the tide as humans battle over food and fuel.  The enormous are literally giant beasts spawned by nature and adds another layer to struggle for humankind to battle for survival.

The Crow #1THE CROW (IDW) – The classic, brooding ‘hero’ returns, this time set in Tokyo.  Written by the co-screenwriter of the movie, John Shirley should deliver what fans are after.  IDW promises that Crow creator, James O’Barr, is working on something for later in the year in respect to The Crow.  O’Barr does provide the cover for this issue.  Check out all IDW July releases here.



Orders for the May Previews officially close Sunday 22 May.