Just a few titles to highlight for July.  Not that there’s nothing going on.  All the new 52 issues hit their penultimate peak, hard to believe it will then have been a year already since DC’s press of the reset and rebuild button.  You can check out all the details here over at CBR.  In the meantime, I’ve picked out three titles, all different that might be to some tastes.

BEYOND WATCHMEN: So July sees the start of another title in the wave of the Beyond Watchmen books.  OZYMANDIAS kicks off as a six issue mini-series while issue #2 for the COMEDIAN, MINUTEMEN and SILK SPECTRE will arrive.  You’re either already on board with this or not so just confirm if you’d like this new title added to your order 🙂
HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1 – Like so many properties that continue to thrive in this era, He-Man returns (cue trumpet fanfare).  So Skeletor no doubt is bent on conquering He Man as usual and taking the throne of Eternia and bending all to his will.
What makes this series notable is that James Robinson (GOLDEN AGE, STAR MAN)  is writing it so it will be interesting to see what his considerable talents can bring to Castle Greyskull and the crew.
PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 (OF 5) – Hmmm, hard to say about this one, except that the premise is definitely intriguing.  Jesus has been clone (from what I don’t know, DNA from the shroud perhaps?) and is the star of reality TV.  However, this isn’t the Jesus people have grown up with, this is an angry young youth in a modern crazy world.  Of course, there are the haters and supporters and no doubt there’ll be those with agendas that rest on his fate.  For those who like something different, this is worth considering.