So the word is that Avengers vs. X-Men has sold out before it’s even on sale.  Guess this really is a big year for Marvel true believers!  Seriously, that is pretty cool that they can generate this much excitement and hopefully get some extra readers into the industry and let them discover how much other great stuff is available.  Some might fairly say these events aren’t the best we have to offer but they undoubtedly are what a lot of people still enjoy so for all these reasons, it’s good to see them happen.  And, for what they are, I really believe Marvel are putting a lot of effort into this one to make it as good as it can be.  As I’ve said before, I think it will have a few more twists and more depth than perhaps we’re expecting.  But, there’s a few other Marvel treats to look at beside this juggernaut event.  Check out the full listings here at CBR.

SPIDER-MEN #1 & 2 (of 5) Tough to say exactly what to expect here but the rumour is this will be the meeting of the regular Marvel Universe’s Amazing Spider-Man and the Ultimate Marvel Universe Spider-Man.  Why?  No idea, but sound’s kinda fun so might be worth swinging over for.



HULK #53 & 54 – The storyline will pit the Hulk up against the Mayan prophecy that some think spells doom for the world in 2012.  Lucky for us, Hulk is going to smash silly notion and give us a good story at the same time.  I think the cover for this show’s some nice imagination and is one of the better covers period for some time in comics.



INFERNAL MAN-THING #1 (of 3) – If you don’t know the thing that is the Man-Thing, check out here for a recap.  The most important thing about this Thing story is that it is written by Steve Gerber who has a cult-like following on the 39 issues he guided ol’ Thing through the Florida everglades.



HIT-GIRL #1 (of 5) – Want something Kick-Ass in your reading pile?  This mini-series sits between Kick-Ass vol. 1 and 2 and deals specifically wit Hit-Girl and the changes to her life after losing her father and taking on Kick-Arse as a side kick.  Mad arse Mark Millar is writing this so you know what to expect!



All these and more will be available to order from the April Previews out next week.  Excelsior y’all!