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Hi all, the March Previews has a lot of interesting product to cover, aside from the big guns hitting overdrive, there are a number of smaller press releases well worth a look to  consider supporting with your $.  Just when you don’t think “they” (being any and all publishers in the industry) can do any more, they frequently do and we’re the better off for it.  In a world with so many distractions, both good and bad, it is great to see the comic industry not shirking away from doing diverse projects, some higher profile than others.  While some of these create controversy to their true value or worth (that’s right Before Watchmen, we’re looking at you :-)) these create debate and stir passion and that’s not a bad thing.  We all know there are only so many types of story that can be told, but within those, these stories can be told in so many ways, and constantly updated and reinvented for new generations with new influences.  A bit like music really.  Enough of my ramblings for now, here’s a catch-up on some highlights since I didn’t get around to Marvel on its own this month plus some other choice releases.  On with the show….

MARVEL –  X-Men vs Avengers is still the big-ticket in March for Marvel, but lots is going on in the Spider-Man titles too and lots of other fun, quirky stuff.  Check out the full listings here at CBR.


MARVEL ZOMBIES Destroy! 1 & 2 (of 5) This is a return to the popular Marvel Zombie series (there have been like 5 series already).  Each series takes place in an alternate version of the Marvel Universe.  This time round, those dirty nazis won WWII…with Zombies.  Enter Dum Dum Dugan to sort things out.  Should be a fun romp going by the previous efforts.



FURY MAX #1Garth Ennis will be let loose on Marvel Max title again, where anything goes.  Ennis loves his WWII stories so having a character born out of that setting should be right up his ally to tell a ripping yarn.  Love the stylised covers.




HULK SMASH AVENGERS #1 – #5 – Want some weekly fun in March with an Avengers flare while we wait for the movie?  This weekly series will span the eras from the 60’s to today with any one of the Green/Red/Grey (Mr Fixit) Hulk battling the Avengers from each respective era.  Fun plain and simple.




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X-O MANOWAR #1 – Yes!  Valiant Comics returns with a new ongoing series featuring arguably one of their strongest characters, X-O (Think the Iron Man suit only much more powerful – interestingly, there was a nice X-O/Iron Man crossover in the late 90s).  Hopefully this will live up to the original series with solid story telling… guess we’ll find out soon enough!  The writer is Robert Venditti who is a best-selling New York Times novelist so I’ll be keen to see how he handles this property.


STK463335 ThumbnailSTAR TREK TNG/DR WHO ASSIMILATION 2 #1 – How have these two properties never crossed over?  Moot point, because they are about to courtesy of IDW.  Not much else to add except you’ll know if this does it for you or not instantly.  The TARDIS on the bridge of the Enterprise?  Priceless.



TRUE BLOOD #1 (On-going)  If you like your vampires, not only will be you be getting excited for the start of season four, but also IDW will be releasing in March the first issue in and ongoing series.  This should have some bite as the first two mini-series were well received.




Drop me an email with your orders and I’ll get them locked in for you.  Good times ahead true believers!