Hold on DC fans, it’s about to get a whole lot busier.  The ‘new 52’ kicks into its second phase with the launch of some new titles, plus some other interesting releases.  As usual, you can check out the full listings here at CBR.

There are some nice collected offerings in there and also the ‘Night of the Owls’ storyline runs through most of the Bat related titles.  I’m never an advocate for suggesting you need to follow all tie-ins (cause simply you don’t), but check out what ones might appeal outside of what you normally get.  Right, let’s get into the good stuff;

EARTH TWO #1 – This will hopefully be a title that appeals to the more ‘experienced’ reader in that it will feature some older characters (original Green Lantern Alan Scott, original Flash Jack Garrick and more), but also pique the interest of newer readers by offering alternative versions of Batman, Superman etc.  DC has long played around with various versions of ‘earth’ where the superheroes may appear with either slight or major variations (including changing gender) or not exist at all.   In the 1980s, DC famously did away with many of these with the classic ‘Crisis of infinite earths’ of which the creative ripples of that event are seen with us to this very day in DC’s storytelling.  Look, this might be very cool or it may be just to complex for most to get into.  I’m hoping it’s the former, and giving it a fighting chance is that it’s written by James Robinson.  Robinson hasn’t been at the height of his writing in recent years (in my opinion, not all of it his fault as he’s often had to work in with larger creative events affecting the books he was working on) but I’m thinking this may well suit his style nicely with older characters to give a fresh voice to in a new DC landscape.  Also check out WORLD’S FINEST #1 starting in May which will focus on Power Girl and Huntress of Earth 2.  The problem is they have somehow become stuck on the new 52 ‘Earth’.  World’s Finest will be written by Paul Levitz with George Perez as co-artist.

BATMAN, INCORPORATED #1  – Not much more can be said about this intriguing series, Morrison has delivered an intriguing Batman story with Bruce Wayne developing a network of ‘Batmen’ around the world to fight a truly global threat called Leviathan.  Though this second part of the series is now in the ‘new 52’ universe of DC, Morrison promises the story won’t miss a beat.  He won’t be ignoring some of the changes that some characters have gone through but it won’t be dwelled on in terms of the storyline.  The first series, including the ‘Leviathan Strikes’ issues, will be available near the end of April.

BATMAN: EARTH ONE HC – And just in case the new 52 universe changes weren’t enough for you, here’s another take 🙂  This is in the same original graphic novel format as last year’s Superman: Earth One which largely went over very well.  In this version of Batman, this story will look at his early years.  The changes appear to be more around his supporting cast perhaps more so than himself.  It will be good if they can really do something fresh with Alfred and it appears they may as in this he is out to destroy the Batman.  That may simply be he is protecting Bruce by trying to kill off his night-time escapades but just maybe it could be more sinister? Why else is this worth a look, oh the writing/art team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank could be it.

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #1 – Yep, I was one who stuck through the good and bad of all 10 seasons of Smallville, and overall, I enjoyed the yarn.  So, what happened after the closing shot of the last episode?  The TV series was never designed to go there, and they stuck to their guns.  But, there is enough of  fan base that wants to see that version of Clark as Superman.  So, DC has obliged and hence Smallville lives on in comics.  This isn’t entirely new, this strategy has worked extremely well for many TV series that have for one reason or another left the small screen but not finished the journey.  Buffy, Jericho, Firefly/Serenity to name just a few are recent examples that are doing pretty well.  So, if you or someone you know enjoyed the series, this would be a nice way to introduce them to the magic of comics.  Interestingly, this version of Superman appears to be sans red togs, just like his new 52 counterpart.  I wonder though if this was decided in prior to the changes in the DC comic universe.

MYSTERY IN SPACE #1 – For something completely different.  This is a nice one-shot offering of an anthology of short, disturbing science-fiction tales.  It’s a mix of seasoned and new writers and probably worth the small investment given there may just be a future Hugo or Nebula award winner’s efforts between the covers.



BATMAN ARKHAM CITY: DELUX MR FREEZE AND KILLER CROC FIGURES – These simply look awesome.  The Mr Freeze has a definite steam punk quality to his design, while being very in keeping with the nature of his character.  Killer Croc looks simply big and mean, certainly up there with some of the monstrous figures McFarlane toys have released over the years.  These to me reflect affordable works of art that nicely complement your bookshelf of comics and trade paperbacks or any surface where you want to show off your geek prowess 🙂

As always, do check out the full listings to make sure you don’t miss anything, there’s always more than I can possibly highlight in one email.   Forget about the this and that’s of the real world, enjoy the escapism for bit and look forward to these shiny comics arriving into your hands soon:-)