Welcome all to the February Previews email for all comics and merchandise shipping in April.

Couple of things I wanted to cover first up.  On this site, you’ll see that a bit of work is going into adding, and keeping up to date, the in-stock selection.  While I like keeping things easy for us all by ordering what you ask for, I do miss not having shelves for you to browse on, just to check out those things you kinda thought were interesting, but would like to see first.  So, I’m putting  a bit of effort into starting to stock a small range of new and classic material that you might just want to check out from time to time.  If you see anything you like the look of, just let me know and I’ll bring it to you to check out.  Of course with trade paperbacks, you don’t have to wait till I have it in stock, just drop me a line with what you’d like (I have catalogues you can borrow to browse through)and I’ll have it in for you within two  to three weeks.

Also, you’ll see on the ‘in stock’ page, I have comic bags back in.  Great for giving a bit of TLC to your collection.  $17 for a pack of 100 bags.  I’m still working on sourcing comic long boxes (storage boxes) but due to their bulk, these are a bit harder to find suppliers for.  Stay tuned.

Right, into some highlights.  You’ve seen I covered Image, Dark Horse and Marvel’s April releases already on the website, have a look if you haven’t already.

THE SHADOW – The Shadow knows… but often the world hasn’t in recent years warmed so much to this classic character.  However, Garth Ennis will set out to change this with this new on-going series from Dynamite Publishing.  I like how he will be putting the Shadow onto a world stage with a plot involving (funnily enough) the fate of the world!  This probably won’t be as hard cutting as some of his other works (Preacher, The Boys) but I’m sure he’ll cast a sharper edge with this Shadow than we’ve seen before.




POPEYE – Another classic, and this will be a labour of love from IDW.  It’s all new material and features all Popeye’s supporting cast, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Swee’ Pea and Wimpy.  The first issues has this nice parody cover of Action Comics #1.  If you grew up, eatin’ ya greens to be like ol’ Popeye, then this is for you sailor!





BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #3 Featuring three stories for the ‘Beyond’ DC Universe, this issue spotlights Batman, Superman and the Justice League of the future.  It also has some art done by Howard Porter who had  very memorable run on Grant Morrison’s Justice League run in the 90s.

There is a lot more good stuff in this, don’t forget to check the previous highlights for April releases on the webpage.