Hi all, another great month of releases from Image.  The big deal is an Alan Moore penned Supreme issue.  Look out for other old Extreme Studio titles such as Youngblood, Prophet coming back over the next few months.  Be sure to check out the full listings here, not too late to get on board for some of the interesting titles I’ve highlighted over the previous couple of months.   On to it….



AMERICA’S GOT POWERS #1 (of 6) – Not surprisingly, someone has thought up a play on the culture of reality ‘create a star’ TV.  That somebody is none other than Johnathan Ross with co-creator and p[opular artist Brian Hitch.  Nice that it’s limited to six issues.  The premise is that super powered people are common enough that there needs to be a show to determine who is the ‘best’.  But of course, someone wants to ruin the party.  If you like Ross’ humor, Hitch’s art, mocking of reality TV then this might be worth investing in.



SECRET #1 – Another Johnny, this time it’s Johnathan Hickman who has/is doing some big work for Marvel as well as his own stuff with Image (see last month’s Image preview for January releases, particularly The Manhattan Project).  The premise for this series is the dark and sinister link between governments and private security firms.  No doubt there’s a tonne of material there to mine and craft into various story arcs!  So if twisting, interweaving plotlines and/or espionage thrillers are your thing, here’s your stop.



SUPREME #63 – This is pretty huge.  Alan Moore’s last unpublished script to his long finished run on Image’s Supreme is about to see the light of day as part of a relaunch of many old Extreme Studio titles at Image.  If you don’t know the history, back in the late 90’s, when Moore was doing more comic work, Image landed him a gig writing on Rob Liefeld’s Supreme series, which had been an unremarkable title till then.  Supreme was basically Superman type character.  As Moore had discounted ever working for DC again, this gave him a chance to tell the remaining Superman stories he had in his head, without working for DC.  The short story is, his run on Supreme was highly praised, and the series is fondly remembered.  Fast forward some 14 odd years, and it’s on again!  Erik Larsen, who will be taking over writing duties from #64, illustrates this issue.  This should stand alone nicely, even if you haven’t read the previous series.