Saddle up pilgrims, and lets ride awhile together and see what Dark Horse has in store for April this year.

The full list and descriptions can be viewed here over at CBR.  There’s  a slew of regular favourites and mainstays of the Dark Horse stables, but a couple certainly stand out so let’s take a closer look.



GROO VS. CONAN #1 (of 4) – I’m fairly certain this will be one of those quirky titles that is under-ordered and later is sought after as back issues.  So here’s the perfect time to get them as this is a classic, if not bizarre, cross-over.  If you’re a fan of either, this is probably worthwhile just for the fun factor, I mean why else would they have thought this craziness up!  Not much is given away as to the plot but really, who needs one with these two giants of the barbaric realm!  The one important fact is that Sergio Aragones is involved, crafting the art (likely for the Groo stuff) as co-artist.

“Conan, What is good in life?”

“Buying comics, crushing your bookshelves, hearing the lamentation of your friends as they ogle your collection! ”

“Yes, that is good!”

RESIDENT ALIEN #0 – This charming sounding one-shot issue is written by Peter Hogan who did some good work following on Alan Moore’s Tom Strong comics.  The plot is an alien crashes, can mask his identify, tries to live out an easy life as a castaway on earth.  Of course, all can’t remain so tranquil and you just know someone is going to try to mess this up for him.  If this sounds like your thing, this is a nice way of getting a story in one issue from a decent writer.




STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES—BOBA FETT IS DEAD #1 (of 4)  – It was always a way to boost sales in the good ol’ days, before the prequels, before… the empire!  Fast forward, I don’t think Dark Horse have done too many Fett related titles in some years, so this may go down well with the general Star Wars fan base.  Now, I don’t believe his death is at the teeth of the Sarlac,this story is set and follows on from the Star Wars Blood Ties 4 pat mini series from late 2010 that starred both Jango and Boba Fett.



Feel free to throw through your orders for April releases now.  I’ll be sending out the April Previews and overview in couple of weeks.