Hi all, welcome to the first Previews of 2012!

It’s a heavy hitting start for all these titles releasing in March, so hang on and let’s get into it.




First order of business, is that March will of course host one of comics most important days of the year, Free Comic Book day!  This is where everyone on earth who isn’t a comic reader will poor into comic shops to seek free, real (i.e not digital!) comics books and become bitten by the comic reading/collecting bug.  Of course, we don’t like that sort of disorder do we, so we’ll do it with a bit more panache.  Click on the FCB day logo to the left, have a look at the comics on offer  on the website, then let me know what one/s you’d like!  I don’t really want to put a limit on how many of the titles you can get, but if you’d like a few, I may have to charge a very small fee to cover the freight costs.   But rest assured, the comics themselves will be as intended, free!  There are some nice titles too, particularly in the ‘silver’ category.  Make sure you check them all out.


Marvel (who’s March releases I didn’t get around to previewing separately due to Christmas distractions) have a big March planned.  You can see the full listings here over at CBR.


AVENGERS Vs. X-MEN #0 and 1 (of 12) This is Marvel’s big event for 2012.  And, given it has some of Marvel’s most senior writers cooking up this tale (and Frank Cho on art for this issue), it could a spectacular run for the ages (or admittedly a big mess) but let’s be optimistic.  And, with the Avenger’s movie out this year, here’s a way of getting a good fix of all Marvel’s heavyweights.  Also, if you do want some more Avengers action that is aligned with the movie incarnation of the team, check out Avengers Assemble #1.


ROCKETEER ADVENTURES VOL.2 #1 (OF 4) IDW had a lot of success with the first volume of this all new, anthology series of the (cue fanfare) Adventures of the Rocketeer!  The first volume (also four issues) was a high quality production.  By using a variety of excellent talent, there was something for everyone and it simply made for a very attractive release.  So, the first issue kicks off with the similar format of three stories per issue.  Peter David, Marc Guggenheim and Stan Sakai (of Usagi Yojimbo fame) scribe while art is from the multi-tasking Stan Sakai and Bill Sienkiewicz.  On the strength of the first series, I have no hesitation of recommending this if you’d like something a bit different, fun with a charming feeling of adventures in the era of yester-year.


SUPURBIA – Footballer’s Wives, Real Housewives… if any of this has ever appealed to your voyeuristic curiosity at any level, then here’s what you have(?) been waiting for from BOOM! Studios.  Ok, naff introduction over, this could be a fun spin on the atrocious affinity society has for peaking in behind the scenes of the celebrity.   So, what do the significant others of super heroes do with their day?  How does a super-hero family differ from others, if at all?  How is scandal handled, with a mighty leap?  A ka-pow and ka-bok?  The art looks nice from up and comer Russell Dauterman.


Don’t forget to check out the other highlights on the Dunedin Comics website/blog for DC and Dark Horse.  Also remeber the new Brian K Vaughn series Saga starts in February from Image.

Orders for the January Previews close Tuesday 24 January.