Image.  Love that they’ve really worked hard on changing their from just being ‘super heroes’.  This month again proves this to be true.  There are some real potential gems in this lot, particularly Saga from Brian K Vaughn.  Take a look through the whole list here at CBR.



SAGA #1  – Take note people, Brian K Vaughn of Y-The Last Man fame is at it again and this is where you want to jump on.  His new series, some many years in the making, is set against the backdrop of a civil war in galactic space with a political power struggle.  It is billed as a sci-fi/fantasy mix of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.  With that analogy, plus his proven writing chops, this is an easy recommendation to try.


THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS #1 – This might well be very cool, particularly if you like alternate history angles.  This presents a world where the Manhattan Project was merely a front for other more sinister endeavours, in a world very much darker than the one we know.   And things go wrong.  Brilliant.



REBEL BLOOD #1 (of 4)  – The blurb for this kinda rings of a piss-take, but its got werewolves and vampires and all in the world has gone horribly wrong (again).  I figured I spotlight this if for no more reason than the cover looks cool.  And it might be good if you’re in the mood for a short horror mini-series.



HOAX HUNTERS #0  – Maybe cheese, maybe not, but again, a cool cover.  This series will deal with a group that publicly goes about ‘disproving’ ‘hoaxes’ but in reality is covering up the weird, bizarre, and kooky.




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