Hi all, a quick check in.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  The great weather is helping many enjoy the holiday season here.

I managed to sneak a load of comics in this week, some highlights are:

Lady Mechanika #3 (only 8 months late but worth the wait!) Hopefully issue four, which is due out this month (December) won’t be too far away.  I have a shelf copy still available of the collected issue (#0 and 1), and issue #2 and 3 if you want to get in on this awesome Steampunk flavoured series.





Green Lantern series 1 Stel action figure.  Awesome DC Direct figure.






Batman Inc Leviathan Strikes #1.  The bookend to the close the first story arch of Batman Inc.  Brilliant writing from Grant Morrison.  This will soon be collected and is well worth getting if you’re a fan of Batman and missed the series or you’re wanting to get into comics and want some high-end writing with super hero flare.





I want to thank all my customers again for their support over this year.  I look forward to helping you further enjoy collecting comics, toys and other ‘cool’ stuff over 2012.  Happy New Year to everyone reading this.  Enjoy!