Just a quick round-up of a few highlights in the DC releases for March 2012.  There’s lots of great stuff going on, just a lot is now well into the storylines, mainly the ‘new 52’ titles.  If you like Bane, check out Dark Knight #7, a new storyline start in Aquaman #7 dealing with the destruction of Atlantis, and there are a number of new printings of long out of print trade paperbacks.  Have a look through the full list here at CBR.

SAUCER COUNTRY #1 – A presidential candidate, driven by… an alien abduction experience?  (isn’t this a prerequisite for all politicians!?)  Again, Vertigo are offering up something slightly skewed but no doubt full of drama and character with enough of a twist to set it apart from the norm.

THE NEW DEADWARDIANS #1 – Firstly, I love how Vertigo is acknowledging, and apologising, for yet another zombie/vampire story. But! they cry.  This one is different enough to be worthwhile and it does sound interesting. Post-Victorian England, the common people have all become zombies whilst the societal elites have chosen to become vampires to escape the great unwashed and undead.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY: SERIES 2 ACTION FIGURES – This series gets better and better.  The highlights of this set has to be Catwoman and the Riddler but Hush looks good as well.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the Mr Freeze in series 3, steampunk meets Batman!  These figures are available individually, contact me to discuss.