I agree, what madness is this talking about next March when we’re on the eve of Christmas!  Ah, but it’s good to have things to look forward to, especially once the weight and realisation of an entire new year ahead starts looming before us.

So, the good folks at Dark Horse as always have some treasures, let’s have a closer look.  You can check out, as always, the full list (with images) of Dark Horses’ releases here at CBR.

 GAME OF THRONES – Something a bit different, Dark Horse have scored some merchandising rights for Game of Thrones.  Not a bad coup really considering the heavy presence this franchise will have for some time with the eagerly awaited season 2  TV series coming in 2012.  So what treasures can you score for your House/office/desk?  Journals, pins, magnets, coffee mugs, patches, coasters.  Drop me an email for pricing.

 RAGEMOOR #1 – A ‘living’ castle that can alter its form, adding or removing rooms and housing monstrous residents.  This mini-series sounds the business for something dark and slightly off-beat.  If you enjoy EC styled storytelling, anything in the vein of Hellboy, or just something with a sinister quirk, this will be worth a look.

They also have some nice collections of old and new titles so make sure you do check out the full listings.