20 years.  Image turns 20 next year.  That is a sobering moment, knowing that I was there, buying some of their original, over the top, craziness (The Maxx, W.I.L.D. Cats, Spawn etc)  All that you can ultimately say is that they are still in the game and that’s no small achievement.  They’ve had an interesting first 20 years with some highs and lows but what else would you expect in this crazy industry? 🙂  Come February, Image will again demonstrate just why they are here 20 years on.  There are some really interesting new titles I’ll highlight, plus Darkness, one of the old guards, hits #100.

As always, make sure you check out the full listings here. 

THIEF OF THIEVES # 1   – From Nick Spencer and Robert Kirkman (of Walking Dead fame) comes this new offering.  Basically it deals with a master thief who unsurprisingly lives a double life, or at least tries to.  It sounds as though this will dealing with him having a hard time keeping the fragmented parts of his life together.  No doubt those parts of his life around family that he’s neglected will be causing his some conflict as he tries to reconnect with them.  Also the FBI is starting to cause his some grief but bigger problems are just over the horizon.  Not sure if this will have any fantastical elements to it, but I’d think giving Kirkman’s ability to craft a solid story, this will be no less than interesting.

ALPHA GIRL #1 – Crazy.  That’s my first thought, and in a positive way.  Ok, so zombies stories are getting to be almost as prevalent as Vampires.

However, this hard sounding 80’s retro-apocalyptic zombie fest might just be something to shatter that mould.  It almost appeals as a very warped and reversed homage to Y The Last Man but we’ll have to see.

Regardless, definitely have a closer look at this.

PETER PANZERFAUST #1  – And now for something completely different.  A story set in WWII France where a very unique resistance is to be set up to frustrate the advancing German army.  Billed as a blend of Peter Pan and Red Dawn which immediately makes is curiously appealing to me (though I’m not sure about the Red Dawn remake… but i digress).  Again, for something different with an interesting spin, Image delivers an intriguing option once again.

Again, be sure to check out the full listings, we’ll catch up on these again and more in a week or so with the release of the December previews!  Ho ho ho….