February’s releases will mark a 6 month anniversary for DC’s new universe, fondly referred to as the new 52.  Currently, the #3 issues are releasing and the sales and critiques are no doubt making DC very happy, they seem to be succeeding.  Come February, many of our questions will hopefully start getting some answers and setting up no doubt newer questions.  We should also expect some nods towards what next year’s ‘event’ series will be.  Will it have something further to do with the new order?  The speculation is only going to grow.

Check out CBR here for the full DC listings for February.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 – Well, as far as the ‘new’ 52 universe goes, this is a big event, that being the appearance of one Darkseid.  With some aesthetic tweaking, he still looks like the business in respect of a decent foe for this newest ensemble of the Justice League.

Will Geoff Johns get a new angle going with this classic villain?  I hope so and I’m now really looking forward to seeing if Johns can elevate this series near the classic heights Grant Morrison achieved with his run in the 90s.

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #6 – Bane and Doomsday.  Products of a watershed time in DCs history (that being the early 90s).  As DC promised, not all history is wiped from the new universe, with Batman having still been broken by Bane.  This, as far as I can tell, will be Bane’s first reveal in the new DC order and it’ll be interesting to see how much of the true essence of Bane is kept.  I’m not a fan of the overly monstrous embodiment (as this cover suggests) but I’ll reserve judgement till February.

RESURRECTION MAN #6 – I like the premise of a series where a reluctant person is made not just a ‘super hero’ (in the very loosest sense of the word) but also painfully immortal.  He gains a power, he dies, he ‘rises’ with a new power – yet to be discovered.  If ever a hero lived a life of uncertainty, this is up there.

So, this issue has Mitch checking in at Arkham Asylum.  Should be a riot.