Hey there y’all.  Hope you’re keeping warm wherever you are.  Those of you who got some comics this week, enjoy staying out of the cold with some great reading this weekend.  Contact me if you’d like an electronic copy of the Previews, being the December issue for titles releasing in January 2012.

 You’ve probably noticed a lack of review emails this month from me for the various publishers.  There were two main reasons, firstly exam prep took up a bit of time.  Secondly,  January is often a quieter month for releases.  Aside from Image, there wasn’t really that much to pick out and highlight from the other major players.  That’s not to say there’s nothing good coming out in January, just a lot of it is storylines already underway and on our radars.  Still, you should check out the full listings over at CBR for Dark Horse, DC and Marvel’s January releases (I’ve covered below in the previous post).  No doubt releases over February and March will start to amp things up again, stay tuned!

So, down to business, there’s a few  titles I’ll highlight just to make sure we’ve got everything covered.

FERALS #1 – From the masers of the macabre (that’d be Avatar Comics) comes a new David Lapham special, Ferals.  As will be obvious, this is a werewolf themed, supernatural horror.  Now before you yawn, and think “great, the Werewolf is now almost as boring as Vampires have become” I’d say check that as Lapham, who wrote the excellent crime drama Stray Bullets (which you’ll know I’ve mentioned numerous times but it’s true I tell you!) can make even a well traversed genre come alive with  new angle and vibe.  So, if horror/crime is your thing, this might be worth a look.

SCARLETT SPIDER #1 – Spinning (see what I did there? Ahh, never mind) out of the Spider Island storyline, it appears to be the return of the once loathed Scarlett Spider.

But true believers, this we’re told is a new Scarlett Spidey, and he’s going to be kicking around Texas of all places for a bit.

Want to get on for the ride?  Here’s your ticket.

WOLVERINE #300 – Yep, the old boy hits 300, pretty impressive run thus far. Marvel promises this is the start of a significant story line, plus it features a new Silver Samurai! So what’cha gonna do bub?

Orders for the November previews close on Tuesday November 22ndFeel welcome to fire your questions and orders to me throughout the month.