A new year of Image goodness, and if their January offerings are any indication, it should be a strong year for them.

This is possibly one of the most quirky and strongest batch of releases I’ve seen from Image in some time.  It’s hard to give you much more information than what’s revealed in the promotional blurbs.  However, I’ll point out the issues (as I always do) that are well worth having a further ponder over in deciding where to commit your $$$ to.

Check out all the details here over at CBR.

FATALE #1  – Ed Brubaker doing what he’s best known for, gritty, dark noir crime stories.  With a dash of horror.  Dash?  Well, it my be just a bit more generous than that but this sounds intriguing.  A hunt over decades beginning in the American 1930’s involving a pretty dame and a mobster monster sounds like good ingredients for a ripping yarn.

Two covers are available, this one reminds me of Lovecraft or Cathullu images.

WHISPERS #1 – Dark in  a different way to Fatale, but again with supernatural themes, Whispers to me sounds like it will be an introspective look at the darker side of ourselves, what would we do with power to manipulate others beyond conventional methods?

No doubt doing good or releasing inner demons will be put to the test in the pages of this series and hopefully make for an entertaining yarn.

MONDO #1 (of 3) – Anything, I repeat anything that starts off with the premise of someone being ‘fowled’ by tripping over ‘a loose chicken’ gets my attention.

This is just bizarre but that’s how this story will begin.  Also it promises tattooed babies, beach monster and a character called ‘Kitten Kaboodle’.  Just brilliant.

THE WALKING DEAD #93 – It’s time to highlight this book again, mainly as this will begin a new story arc as they are building up to their 100th issue that will no doubt be celebrated as it is an impressive milestone.  If you are enjoying the TV series and haven’t read the original source material, you owe it to yourself to.  There are now a number of  trade paperbacks to help get you up to speed in terms of where the comic storyline is up to.