Here we go again, and it’s a good ‘un.  There is definitely something for everyone in this lot, I’m even (as a long time DC fan and one who is looking for more than  just super hero fare) getting excited about a lot of what Marvel is setting up for the coming year.

Take a bit of time to check it out along with the links I’ve provided on the website for the various publishers.  If you would like an electronic copy of the previews, just drop me a line and I’ll email one to you.  It’s worth going through to see all the additional merchandise coming out beside comics.  You can google images for most listings and I’m happy to help you with more informtion for anything that catches your eye.

GFT ALICE IN WONDERLAND – Wow, the Alice of my day didn’t quite look like that.  Anyhow Zenoscope, a recently formed publisher, have made a big impact with their adaptions of Grimms Fairy Tales, especially their Wonderland trilogy.   They are doing a lot of interesting things suited obviously for more mature readers but are widely appealing at the same time.  So if you’d like something with a bit of bite and that explores the darker elements of some famous myths and fables, this might really appeal to you.  Check out their website in the link I’ve given.  Most of their work is currently available in trade paperback which I can  of course happily supply for you.

VOLTRON – Dynamite keep with their successes of re-introducing and re-imagining licences of yesteryear, particularly those from the 80’s.   The latest to get the dynamite treatment is Voltron, which has enjoyed a fair bit of attention off and on over the last 10 years.  The premise of this seems to indicate that the original Voltron Force has evolved somewhat, with the main villain, King Zarkon, almost defeated and on the run.    So if you have missed your fix of futuristic pilots, Lion ships that can join to form a mighty force, greater than the sum of its part, then welcome back Voltron – Defender of the Universe!

ARCHIE MEETS KISS – OK, So Archie is an American institution, but it has a relatively wide international fan base.   Just by co-incidence, so does the rock phenomenon, KISS (who was made for loving you baby!).  This will be a four part storyline running through the main Archie title with a bit of a supernatural themed storyline (monster’s invade Riverdale, KISS may save the day!).  Archie is known for its ‘event’ comics, such s Punisher vs. Archie, and the recent Archie wedding issue.  This will be no different, and I’m sure fans of either Archie, Kiss or both will go nuts for this.  If you know someone who isn’t normally into comics, this may be a nice surprise, and fun gift for them (and let’s get them hooked on comics while we’re at it J)

MAGIC THE GATHERING – Magic the Gathering sees a new lease of life through new comics via a new publisher!  As Valiant/Acclaim did back in the 90’s, this issue will come with an exclusive alternative-art card for the game (Treasure Hunt).

Ok, don’t forget to check out all the other recommendations here on the website for the December Marvel, Dark Horse and DC releases.  Orders for the October Previews close on Tuesday October 25.