So, we’re now into the end of DC’s first month of the ‘new 52’, or effectively the refresh of their entire DC Universe.  And, so far, the critics/fans/retailers are all relatively happy.  A couple of interesting things i’ve read consistently is that this event is driving new readers into stores as well as those that have been ‘out’ of comics for a while.  So that is good news for our industry.  The other things is people want PRINT copies.  The digital sales have been ‘encouraging’ but obviously not in the numbers some expected.  The fact is people still like to own tangible goods, not digital data.  Some of the titles have started off a bit naff but some have been great.  The big guns have lived up to the hype but also check out some of the lesser known titles, some are more than holding their own.  Alrightly, check out all DC’s December releases here at CBR.  And on with some highlights…

BATMAN INCORPORATED: LEVIATHAN STRIKES #1 – Six years!  Six years apparently, the mad mad Grant Morrison has been lining up this storyline (link to article is on the Dunedin Comics facebook page).  That means back in 2006 when Morrison took over writing Batman, he began sowing the seeds.  As I said to a friend recently, I’ll have to now go back and re-read those which is a good way of looking at the value comics can give you, merely beyond reading only once.  So, this large issues (US$6.99) concludes the first arc of the Batman Inc. storyline.  A shocking end is promised which would be good for a series that started of as, eh, ok but has built nicely in the last few issues.

THE RAY #1 – The return of a 90’s fan favourite.  It sounds as though DC are testing the water’s again with this character by making it a 4 part mini-series rather than on-going.

This was a very common tactic in the 90’s and probably fair enough in this modern market.  It also appears by the blurb this will be a ‘lighter’ toned title though the story could still turn out to be a heavy weight.  I hope he finds his market again.

FLEX MENTALLO: MAN OF MUSCLE MYSTERY DELUXE EDITION HC – What’s notable about this is that this is the first time it’s been collected since the original mini-series came out back in the 90’s.  The short story is there were licensing issues with some of the content that prevented it being collected by DC.  Now that’s done with this quirky Grant Morrion spin-off from Doom Patrol can now grace your collection without paying mega dollars for the original issues.

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY: SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES – You know the deal, these figures will be based on the upcoming game Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to Arkham Asylum.   In this first release of three figures (unlike four for the Arkham Asylum sets) we get Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn in a new outfit.  If these are anything like the Arkham Asylum series, they’ll be fantastic.  I still have a complete set of series 1 Batman:Arkham Asylum left (Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow)  These are now getting harder to track down so if you want ’em, now’s your chance.  Use google images to look at any number of photos of this range of figures.