Ho ho, there’s nothing funny about the year going by so quickly, but yes, soon enough December will be upon us and with that, the festive season.  That’s a thought I had the other day, if you looking to give the gift of comics, tpbs or anything else good’n’geeky it’s time to be putting those orders in now.  Dark Horse have had a fairly solid year with some good licensed stories (the return of Buffy for season 9!) and some good independent and original material.  There’s a couple I thought worthy of your extra attention in the December releases listed here at CBR, so let’s be ‘aving them:

THE STRAIN #1 (of 11) – In short, this is an adaption of a book.  That’s really not helpful is it?  Ok, The book  is a horror book and was written by director Guillero del Toro and Charles Hogan.  The theme is one of vampires and you can find out a bit more about the novel event at this Strain website.  I was talking with friend who said the novel started off really well but fell apart a bit with many ideas cobbled together and not quite gelling.  However, what this adaption has in its favour to remedy the faults of the novel is that it is written by David Lapham as well as del Toro so he may have some license to write the wrongs (see what I did there?!) of the book.  The comic adaption is an 11 part series and the first issue is only US$1.

STAR WARS: AGENT OF THE EMPIRE—IRON ECLIPSE #1 (of 5) If you like a bit of James Bond, and a bit of Star Wars then you might like this blend of espionage and science fantasy.  It sounds like an interesting premise, particularly if you like stories that explore those lesser seen corners of the Star Wars expanded universe.  With a strong writer, John Ostrander, this will be a solidly constructed story I’m sure.  It will also be a distraction for some I imagine for when the Star Wars Blu-ray discs hit with the yet-again re-tinkered versions of the movies.  I have no real opinion on the updating of the movies once again, but I won’t be rushing out to buy them so maybe that’s telling 🙂  Good to see Dark Horse keeping the new material alive.

These will all be available to order from the October Previews, out in a couple of weeks.