Hey people, welcome to September which means Spring for us and another new Previews of what’s coming out in November.  This post is a bit later than the email I sent out due to distractions such as the Rugby World Cup party going on in our fair city and lots of small things.  So, if you aren’t on the active customer mailing list, make sure you ask to be.  Also, friend us up on Facebook.  You’ll get alerts there too of any website updates including Previews posts.

You may have noticed I didn’t highlight as much leading up to this Previews, and that’s because not a lot of information was released.  However, the new previews is out and there is plenty to get amped about.  There are some excellent projects companies both big and small are setting up.  So on with the highlights…

AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER: THE PROMISE PT 1 – If you, or anyone you know, love Avatar, then this will no doubt on your radar.  All new Avatar material which will link into the upcoming sequel, Legend of Korra.  Suffice to say, Avatar keeps going from strength to strength, finding new fans all the time now it’s broken the mainstream western markets.  This will be the first in a series of digest sized books, a format which, if you’re a  manga reader,  you’ll be familiar with.

BATMAN: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS HC So this is probably a bit extravagant but hey.  It’s an original graphic novel dealing with Batman encountering the Mad Hatter for the first time.  Meh, the Mad Hatter isn’t exactly a top tier Bat villain but he can be interesting when written well.  Bruce Jones is no hack, having had a solid stint on Incredible Hulk.  Well, the story is being played against the wild adventure Bruce has in Wonderland vs. Alfred and Robin thinking he’s just tripping out, though there’s a twist to suggest otherwise.  What will really send this book over is that Sam Keith is providing the art.  If you’ve  ever followed his work on The Maxx or numerous other titles you’ll know what I mean.  This could be a really odd but fresh Bat yarn worth the indulgence.

DC COMICS PRESENTS: ELSEWORLDS 80-PAGE GIANT #1 – Where to start with this one?  Well, I remember the drama back when the original was  ‘released’.  There is a good overview of it here, suffice to say DC didn’t think a comic story with Superman microwaving a baby was good look.  I also recall there was a rather phallic looking  Joker in one of the Batman yarns.  So, anyways this is a really off-beat collection of Elseworld stories.  Perhaps the best is the Kingdom Come parody where Superman has left earth for good because he got sick of hearing the beeping from Jimmy Olsen’s watch!  Ha!  So now you can own this
modern holy grail of comic collecting at a fraction of the after-market price commanded by the relatively few original copies that escaped.

GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES #0 The purpose of this #0 issue is to set up the new and very spiffy looking animated series that’s due out later this year.  It’s not clear yet if there will be any issues beyond #0 but given most successful DC animated series have had a comic series counterpart (Batman TAS, Superman TAS, JLA TAS and Unlimited) I’m guessing there will be.

I’m betting this will look sharper than the recent live action movie.

JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER – IDW are making a fairly big deal about this new 5 part mini-series.  The concept appears to be a tale with dashes of Indiana Jones/Uncharted/James Bond mixed in.  If you think the art looks familiar, it’s because the series is written and drawn/coloured by Chris Madden who is also behind the upcoming Danger Girl series (out in December).  He has that look that is reminiscent, yet different enough, to that of J. Scott Campbell.  If you like action/adventure (with a bit of voodoo) then this could well be worth checking out.

GUNS AND DINOS #1 (OF 3)  Ok, so first thoughts are this sounds like some blend of the UK series Primeval and the upcoming Spielberg mega-budget extravaganza – Terra NovaThat’s not a criticism, just that’s what comes to mind currently if you talk to me of time travel and dinosaurs.  Ok, so what this series has going for it is a) Dinosaurs.  Always a good supporting cast.  B) It’s only 3 issues long.  C) It’s written by Frank Cho of Liberty Meadows fame.  He’s a good author and has a very nice art style so I’m betting this will at the least be entertaining.  And hey, it’s got dinosaurs!  Oh, I mentioned that?  I like dinosaurs.

STITCHED – A new on-going horror title from super sicko (a compliment!) Garth Ennis.  What’s interesting with this is that the series spins out of a short movie Ennis wrote and directed.  The plot is set around a downed US military helicopter crew struggling to cross Taliban controlled mountains in Afghanistan.   What they apparently stumble across is far worse than any Taliban solider.   Given Ennis’ track record and that he is a bit of a military buff, this is no doubt worth a look.  Furthermore, because it’s being released via Avatar (who put the ‘O’ in sicko), you know there will be no holding back on the gore!

BONE: THE ONE-VOLUME 2OTH ANNIVERSARY SLIPCASED COLOUR EDITION  Yep, it’s been 20 years since Bone debuted.  The black and white one-volume has been out for a while and slowly, each individual trade paperback has been coloured and released.  Finally, they are combing these two evolutions of the original work by making a fully coloured, one volume beast and as a slip-cased hardcover!  This will sting a bit in the pocket but be well worth it.  One criticism of the previous one-volume is that it was a bit stressed under its own weight (at over 1300 pages).  Being hard cover this will be more sturdy and hopefully will  have a good binding with sewn pages but even glued should be well made.    There’s not much more to say about a classic like bone except to say if you haven’t got it, get this.  If you have got one of the older formats, get this.  I’m of the latter and can’t wait to read it again in colour and in such a nice format.

Alright, that’s enough from me, don’t forget to check out the Marvel highlights I’ve already covered below.  Also, a quick heads up to two game tie-ins from DC also coming out September, Diablo and Uncharted and the very nice looking DC Direct figures Justice League: Heroes and Foes Series 1 (Joker, Batman, onder Woman and Flash)  Great sculpts.

Orders close for the September Previews on Tuesday 27 September.  Feel free to email me your orders/queries anytime.