Sorry this is a very late Previews update, why in a few days we’ll be talking about the September Previews and what it’s got in store for releases in November! But until then, our focus is this August Previews and the treasures it contains for September releases.

DC and Marvel are really starting to fire extra cylinders in an effort to get your, and new readers’, attention.  Let’s hope the DC strategy pays off and leads to some great storytelling.  Marvel who have been crafting their Avengers crop of super heroes over the last decade are now (i hope) turning their attention to bring their ‘X” family of titles back to glory.  I’m going to get on board for the new run to see where it goes.

Have a look at the web site (blog) for some highlights from this Previews. A few other things I noticed…

Dark Shadows (Dynamite Entertainment) – This was one a milestone in TV being quite different to anything when it aired in the late 60’, going on to enjoy a relatively successful number of seasons.  Dark Shadows has been described as a soap opera but of the paranormal kind, with all sorts of mythical monsters and even one of my favourite subjects, parallel universes J  There is a good overview here at Wikipedia on Dark Shadows and its history.  Not too surprising, Tim Burton
and Johnny Depp are attached to a film adaption aiming to release in 2012.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes (IDW/DC Comics)  You may do a double take, but this sort of cross-over is not unprecedented.  Back in the 90’s (and something I was looking at only today) was a series of cross-overs Marvel produced between X-Men and Star Trek, one with the original crew and the other with TNG.  Like those before it, this strange new trek should be nothing if not simply fun and another interesting entry in the history of cross-overs.  One thing cross-overs prove is that down the track, they can be very collectible (not that I advocate modern comics as part of a sound investment strategy) and a fun sub-set to collect within comics.  For an interesting list of comic company-crossovers, check out this Wikipedia compilation.

Enjoy trolling through the Previews, don’t forget about the start of a new era for X-Men.  Orders are due in by Tuesday 30 August.