I was looking through the Marvel solicitations for October (that’ll be in the August Previews) and I first thought there wasn’t much to really highlight at all, excepting the follow on from the current Fear Itself event.  But as you’ll see below, it appears Marvel are staring an important rebuild in the profile of their X titles, as their prominence over the last six to seven years  has been markedly different to the height of those titles’ popularity in the 90s, early 2000s.

Don’t misunderstand me, there is lots of quality to be found in the ongoing titles and many mini-series that are in progress.  It’s always well worth a look through the complete listings which you can access here at CBR.  On with the highlights reel….

THE FEARLESS #1 (Of 12) – Everyone seems to want to hold a hammer, though Thor is conspicuously absent in the cover image.  Matt Fraction chart the evolution of the ‘Fear’ event in this bi-monthly beast.  Without much detail to go on, it should be fairly action orientated with the Avengers, Captain America and just about everyone else joining the party.  If you like your Marvel heroes (and villains) action, this should be a one-stop shop for getting your fix.

INCREDIBLE HULK #1 – hmm, a new hulk series.  a new hulk series. Again, Marvel aren’t giving much away. They are touting Jason Aaron as the ‘Marvel architect’ (think their answer to DC’s Geoff Johns) who is pretty busy on a number of October releases, this new Hulk hit out being amongst them.   How this will fit into the established Hulk titles I don’t know but it’s good to see the ‘Incredible’ title return and with some heavy hitters in the art department.

WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #1 – Here’s Jason Aaron again, this time striking out a new direction for the X-Men.  Coming out of the end of X-Men Schism (the final part ships in October as well), there will be two X-Men teams, one led by Wolverine, the other by… Marvel isn’t revealing yet to keep you guessing (and buying).  I’ve felt for a while Marvel have lost their way a bit with the X-Men titles as they seem to lack profile and who knows how they fit together.  With this change, it may clear the air around what the central titles are, what they’re about and why you should care.

UNCANNY X-MEN #544 – In a move not too dissimilar to what DC did (admittedly on a larger scale) Marvel is winding up one of their longest running series – of course only to relaunch it with a new #1 issue in November.  Still, this to me further suggests the serious refocusing underway at Marvel for their flagship X titles, Uncanny being the granddaddy of them all.  I suspect if you want to get on a wild ride with the X-Men, this will be a good point and it should only require these two highlighted titles.

The August Previews will be out this coming week, I’ll have the breakdown on that to you soon!