I’ve been waiting for the full release of DC’s October titles to be listed in one place, they had been drip feeding them over the previous couple of weeks.  So sorry for the delay but it’s easier to see them all in one place.  With the hype of September’s re-launch out of the way, it’s becoming somewhat possible now to better guess what direction these titles may be taking.

It will be well worth looking through all the descriptions of the ‘new 52’  second issues to see if they sound more interesting than you may have found with the 1st issues.  You can find them all here at CBR.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 – Batman vs Superman.  Enough said?  No?  Well while I don’t know, I imagine it will be due to this being a very young and new Justice League and hat they’ll be finding their place in the team, who they are and what they’re about.  Anytime these guys throw down it’s a ride, and Geoff Johns should put his own unique spin on it.  I just hope as artist, Jim Lee can keep up with the pace on this series!

AQUAMAN #2 – Of the new Geoff Johns titles, this one could be a real bolter.  The Trench sound at this point a very interesting new menace in the DCU and a threat that will likely extend into other titles.. perhaps they’ll be the subject of the next ‘event’ series?   Of the ‘main’ titles, Aquaman is likely to be overlooked more so than the other big names.  I’ll take a chance and recommend you don’t make that mistake.

THE SHADE #1 – This returns to writer James Robinson back to a world he made famous in Starman and perhaps an environment where Robinson really shows off his chops at crafting stories.  It will be interesting to see what links Robinson is able to make to his previous Starman works with this mini-series.  One notable feature of this series is the line-up of artists that will be contributing to various issues, it will be a real showcase.

DC COMICS PRESENTS: JLA – THE AGE OF WONDER #1 – This is a timely collection of a lesser known 2 part JLA Elseworld tale from 2003.  The premise is Clark Kent is revealed to the world earlier than DC canon and at no less than the world fair.  A slight steampunk theme to this one as the JLA are involved from then-on in the progress of science.  A nice looking piece of work and the best way to get this long out of print tale.

DC COMICS: THE NEW 52 HC – I doubt there will be too many takers for this but just so you at least know it exists… DC are collecting in one massive hardcover, all of the first 52 issues of the new DCU titles coming out in September.  This should be a very nicely produced book.  1,216 pages and a US cover price of $150.  Drop me a line to discuss sourcing this if you are interested.  In some ways, it would cheaper buying this than all 52 issues individually (if you were at all considering to :-))

SPACEMAN #1 – A break from all the super-hero stuff, this sounds enticing, and is from the mind of Brian Azzarello.  The setting is the near future and of course is post-apocalyptic!  A desperate individual, who dreams of space faring but whose life is described as being far removed from such grandeur.  Instead, the story appears to take a very human drama tangent which could make this story memorable, tragic and engaging.

All will be available to order from the August Previews, out in a couple of weeks.