A lighter Previews roundup this month.  As always, ifyou would like  copy of excel spread sheet for the July Previews with the September releases, just drop us an emil and we’ll get it to you.

This month’s Previews needs no further dilouge in terms of the big releases.  It’s all abou the ‘new’ DC Universe.  Not to be totally outshone, Marvel pitch in with a ‘new’ Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and X-Men.  Check out the previous posts below to go over the other September highlights for the ‘big five’ publishers.

Another wee gem that may interest you, or someone you know, is Dynamite Entertainment are to adapt George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones in a 10 part mini-series.  This obviously is a hot property right now with the recent success with the first season of the TV adaption having wrapped.  My understanding is that the art will use the likenesses of the actors from the TV series which, overall, is not an offensive idea.   I hope though the script will touch on some areas the TV series didn’t cover.  This could be a very nice companion if you, or a friend, are already large fans of this series and would like another avenue into that world.  For some, it will be their first venture into a series that already is compared with the greats, including Lord of the Rings, Riftwar Saga and Wheel of Time.

Orders for the July Previews will close on Wednesday July 26.  Till then, enjoy reading through the previews information.  If you have any questions, just drop me a line.  Good luck to those of you planning your DC want list 🙂