The horse keeps doing what they’ve been doing well, bringing us some good retro licences and some modern ones as well.  They’ve had a big year so far with the Star Wars licence and by October, they’ll be into the second issue of the Buffy ‘Season 9’ comic.

They also do some interesting licensed merchandise from time to time.  This month, if it’s your thing, you might like to check out the Cerebus ship replica from the upcoming Mass Effect 3 game.  Check out the full listings here at CBR.   In the meantime, have a look at is the following issues I’ve put the spotlight on this month:

MASS EFFECT: INVASION #1 (of 4) – The Mass Effect games have grown in popularity, the story being one of the key successes of this property.  The 3rd game is eagerly awaited.  In the meantime, this mini-series should help tide fans over and assist in fleshing out the Mass Effect universe further which will likely help with getting more out of the third game once released.   The playing cards are a nice cheap option too for fans of the game.

MILK AND CHEESE: DAIRY PRODUCTS GONE BAD HC – Milk and Cheese is one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read.  It won’t appeal to everyone, but if you love lowbrow humor, and aren’t easily offended then this is for you.  Only a handful of individual issues were released which are collected in this hard cover volume along with a lot of other supplementary material.  My favourite?  When these bad boys donned Darth Vader masks and went on a maniacal rampage before switching to Cylon mode!  You have to see it to appreciate it.

As a hardcover, this is a pricey option but well worth it and will give you something nice to mix it up on your bookshelf.

STAR WARS: CRIMSON EMPIRE III—EMPIRE LOST #1 (of 6) – The first two series were large successes for Dark Horse back in the 90’s.  Now after some 10 odd years, the third installment is finally here.  Crimson Empire deals with the last of the Imperial Guardsmen.  In this new series, the focus is on a guardsman-turned-bounty hunter who has his hands full trying to survive himself .

There a good article over here at Star with the creators of the comic.

All these and more will be available in the August Previews, due out in a few weeks.