Hey, welcome back, come on in.  Nice to catch up in between the oh so serious business of latest release updates and Previews dissections!

So, we’ve discussed comics a bit lately, what else have you been doing?  Watching anything of interest?  Yes, Game of Thrones was a great adaption wasn’t it… uh huh, yep loving the new season of Doctor Who but I’ve got a bit behind but it’s just reached the mid-season break so that should give me some breathing room.  I’m keen to check out the episode penned by Neil Gaiman.  How about Falling Skies?  No?  Oh, what is it?  It’s a new ‘post-alien invasion’ tv series.  Stars Noah Whyte (ER) and nope, no ‘friendly’ aliens like in V.  It just drops right into the middle of things.  Looks like it could be promising…  What were your thought’s on the finale of Smallville?  Well, mine were mixed.  I was relieved to have it all wound up, and I thought the crew did a good job tying up the story as told.  There could be worse folk than Tom Welling in the suit but he is very type cast now in terms of his version of Clark, I think the studios would never entertain him for the silver screen Superman.

Yes, I’m looking forward to the DC ‘reboot’ or as they are now calling it the ‘New 52’ (for a number of reasons) in September.  Well, I’m trying to stay positive about it, remember, folks reading around the time of the original ‘Crisis’ probably had similar concerns and it all worked out.  What do I think about the ‘digital revolution’ coming to comics?  Well, I’ll have a whole post in draft to discuss that subject.  In short, it will have its place, and to be frank, it’s been around for some time, just not legitimately.  Overall, no other medium will ever entirely replace physical paper copies, at least not for a generation or three to come.  I’ll flesh that one out in terms of my thoughts a bit more soon.

Thanks for stopping by, that’s what we’re here for, not just to sell you ‘stuff’ but to help you enjoy what you enjoy, even if it’s just talkin’ some pop-smack for a while.  A physical store?   Would you support a “Dunedin Comics” store?  Well, it would be nice to have somewhere for you to ‘retreat’ to a while on those soul-crushing days at work/uni/life in general 🙂  Till then, this cosy section of cyber-space isn’t too bad and keeps us going (the rent’s great and we’re (almost) 24/7!). – Edit August 2017 only six years later we do have a store!  Waypoint Comics 🙂  ahh and it’s as cosy and fun as i’d hoped back in 2011.

Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to catch up.  take care and see you soon.  Oh and the July Previews will be out later this week, I’ll email you the details…