Well, it’s a hard month for any publisher to compete against the noise coming out of DC with their reset going on.  But Marvel are getting on with the solid business of storytelling, and have a small reset of their own with a couple of key titles.  Not to be completely left out, their cornerstone Ultimate titles, Spider-Man and X-Men, which started it all are getting a refresh.

As well, there is just some plain good ol’ grafting of solid storytelling coming out of Marvel from some great creative teams.  Have a look at my highlights below then go and see what you think of the full September releases from Marvel over here at CBR.

FEAR ITSELF: HULK VS. DRACULA #1 & #2 (of 3) – If for no other reason, this sounds like fun.  Dracula, the Vampire Nation and the Hulk all get rowdy rowdy.  However, this is also a Fear Itself tie-in and the writer, Victor Gischler is getting some good press.  If you like vampires, or the big Green Machine (or both) this 3 part mini-series should prove to be, while short, a fun ride.  And isn’t that what a comic’s job is?

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #1 & #2 and ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #1 – Both the core Ultimate titles, not to be outdone by DC, get a refresh in September.  Marvel unsurprising, is not giving much away on the ‘new’ Spider-Man given the story line that’s about to wrap up in the last issue of the current series.  The X-Men title carries on the developments from recent events in the ultimate mutant universe.    Brian Michael Bendis will be expected to keep fans into this new run on Spider-man (and remember what happened last time there was an Ultimate Spider-Man #1 title?)  The X-Men title too hopefully will keep marvel’s efforts with the Ultimate universe interesting for those of you who’ve been following it.

SECRET AVENGERS #17 – Just in case you thought Warren Ellis wasn’t up to anything with super heroes involved, here’s a taste of what he’s been working on at Marvel.  While he is known for doing some brilliant, off the beaten track work, he is just as capable of telling great story lines in the contemporary setting of the spandex clad brigade.  His work on X-Men: Xenogenesis was well received and there’s some more Marvel magic to come from him yet.

WOLVERINE: DEBT OF DEATH #1 – I have no idea what this is about beyond the blurb which states “Wolverine fights flying Battlerobo suits in Japan“.  That in itself sounds like fun.  A couple of other attractions are it’s a one-shot and it’s written by David Lapham (Stray Bullets) so it’ll be a bit edgy I’m guessing.

Love the cover too.

JOHN CARTER: A PRINCESS OF MARS #1 (of 5) – The market can’t get enough of adaptions of Edgar Rice Burroughs work.  From the many Tarzan adaptions, his John Carter character and related settings keep finding new ways of being expressed.  This latest adaption will hopefully sit nicely beside the work coming out from Dynamite Entertainment.  If you’d like something a bit different but rich and with an indisputable pedigree, then look no further.

As a reminder, some writer’s with serious chops are working on some flagship Marvel titles.  You’ve got Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Mark Waid on Daredevil.  These series are only just launching so there’s still time to get in at the start.  As ever, it’s a great time to be reading comics, make sure you have some Marvel in the mix if these sound good to you.